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How About Supplements?

A properly designed vegan diet meets the RDAs for all essential nutrients, save vitamin B-12.  A poorly designed diet of any kind should always be fixed by changing the food, not by taking pills.  Nevertheless, in a dietary transition period, supplements act as a sort of insurance against nutritional error. These preparations, or similar ones found in health food stores, are worth your consideration:

  • A multi-vitamin-mineral which contains vitamin B-12 and does not contain "Vitamin A" (Retinyl palmitate) or "Vitamin D".  Both of these "non-vitamins" have been misclassified and are toxic when taken in excess.

Example: "Nature's Life Mega-Vita-Min." - $15.95/ 90 tablets

  • A calcium supplement (particularly for post-menopausal women)

Examples: "Country Life Maxi-Gal Chelated Calcium" $6.99/90 tablets or "Tums" OTC antacid.