Chef AJ

Chef AJ

Posted May 13, 2010

Published in Health

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Do you have the "BALLS" to go plant based for 30 days?

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I run a program called "CHEF AJ'S 30 DAY CHALLENTE " which challenges people to eat a WHOLE FOOD/PLANT BASED diet for a period of 30 days.  Many people have had amazing results with this program.  The last winner, Dr. Mark Nunez, in only 23 days lost 20 pounds, lowered his cholesterol from 195 mg/dl to a heart attack proof 135 mg/dl and completely reversed his diabetes without medication.  There have been so many miracles of people who are my students who follow a plant based diet that I am writing a book about it.  However, as a working restaurant pastry chef, my very favorite part of the challenge is something I call "The Ball Off"

The Ball Off takes place right in the middle of the challenge. The participants are asked to eat only WHOLE FOODS - fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains, starchy vegetables and legumes with a few nuts and seeds.  NO PROCESSED FOOD IS PERMITTED.  (And remember, ALL OILS and ALL REFINED SWEETENERS like agave, etc. are HIGHLY PROCESSED). So, what do they do when they crave dessert and an extra piece of fruit just won't do?  They make BALLS.

Everyone is the challenge has taken at least one culinary class with me so they learn how to make rich, delicious, satisyfing truffles made out of WHOLE FOODS like seeds, nuts, dried fruit and cacao.  These are similar to Lara Bars and available at health food stores for like 2-4 dollars a ball!  Well, you can make them quickly and easily at home for a fraction of the cost.  Here are some of the winning recipes from the past Ball-off.  3 of our esteemed judges were Vegsource bloggers Zel and Reuben Allen and Julieanna Hever (I always knew she had balls!).  Another judge was the amazing raw food chef Rawsheed.

All of these recipes are easy to make and keep well in the freezer.  So why not make a batch with your kid today?  You'll never need to eat processed sugar again.

Hope to see everyone at Worldfest on Sunday.

Love & Kale,
Chef AJ

Here is the link to all the winning recipes: