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Vegparadise Blog

Posted May 2, 2012

Published in Food, Health

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Enter a Contest Where Everyone Wins

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Let's face it. What this country needs is a warning label placed on each package of meat--something like the one on packages of cigarettes, but maybe more colorful.

All of us have come to realize that Meat is Dangerous and even KILLS.

Our idea was to sponsor a contest with our readers submitting their ideas for a Meat Warning Label. Since we are a nonprofit without a lavish spending budget, we are unable to offer cash prizes or expensive gifts.

In this contest everyone automatically becomes a winner because each submission will be published on Vegetarians in Paradise, Facebook, and Pinterest as well as shared on a number of other websites sympathetic to this cause.

Our goal is splash Meat Warning Labels across the internet. With enough entries we will possibly gain the attention to further this cause.

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