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Vegparadise Blog

Posted May 10, 2011

Published in Food, Health, Lifestyle

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Dr. Hans Diehl Receives 24 Carrot Award

Read More: CHIP, Coronary Heart Improvement Program, diet and health, nutrition, reversing chronic disease

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Freshly minted with my doctorate in the health sciences and a graduate degree in public health nutrition and quite self-confident that I had the answers as a healer and researcher to help people with their health problems, I met  Nathan Pritikin, and that changed my life and my career.

I saw for the first time what a truly healthy lifestyle--centering around a simple diet of foods-as-grown unapologetically applied--could do in a residential clinical setting, in not only preventing, but more importantly in reversing chronic disease and restoring health; and that often within a few weeks with risk factors becoming measurably affected within days! Read More