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Vegparadise Blog

Posted August 12, 2013

Published in Add category, Food, Health

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Don't Bug My Yogurt; Dannon Is Already Doing It.

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Dannon has joined the lineup of companies that find it necessary to crush insects to add color to some of its products. The distinguished list of companies includes Starbucks and Tropicana. Both added cochineal or carmine derived from crushed insects to make their products more visually enticing.

Starbucks removed the carmine from their products, substituting tomato lycopene powder. Tropicana has not changed its formula for Red Grapefruit juice drink (30% juice) that still contains carmine along with a heavy dose of high fructose corn syrup.

Purchasers of Dannon yogurts will find "carmine" on the ingredient list of its "Fruit on the Bottom" yogurts in these flavors: boysenberry, cherry, strawberry, and raspberry. The company obviously feels these products need a red boost that can only be achieved with crushed beetles.

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