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Posted July 2, 2013

Published in Food, Health, Lifestyle

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AMA Declares Obesity a Disease; Is That Really Enough?

Read More: Academic Medicine, AMA, American College of Lifestyle Medicine, obesity, pharmaceuticals, USDA

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When the American Medical Association labeled obesity as a disease, they in essence turned the health care world upside down. What a boon this new disease will be for the pharmaceutical industry! But is the blue or pink pill the answer? A new breed of physician is saying that lifestyle changes including nutrition might be the solution to prevention and treatment of obesity.

Big Pharma didn't have much luck convincing people they suffered from a dreaded disease called restless leg syndrome. Though the drug companies flooded the TV channels to convince people there was a cure, viewers didn't wake up their restless legs and walk them to the nearest pharmacy.

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It's amazing how many people I've met who are looking for a "short cut" to being healthier. I think you've nailed the main point: A healthy lifestyle is a daily choice, not a switch you can flip and leave on autopilot. There have been numerous studies showing that as little as 30 min of walking per day can greatly increase your overall health. Pills are not an answer until you've tried even basic things to get your health back on track, ie. diet, exercise, quitting smoking, etc.

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