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Since 1999 the mission of Vegetarians in Paradise has been to offer our friends in the vegetarian community a nesting place to roost awhile and share information about a lifestyle that may keep us flying around a few years longer than our non-vegetarian friends. At this nest we offer some great places to eat wholesome vegetarian food, to shop for the best organic fresh produce and prepared foods, and to discover tasty recipes, cooking tips, books to read, and healthy living information. In other words, this nest is a gathering place for us fine-feathered birds who enjoy being just what we are--vegetarians

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Vegparadise Blog | January 8, 11 at 04:50 PM | Food, Health, Lifestyle

Read More: Dairy Management, Environmental Working Group, farm subsidies, Farm Subsidy Database, Michael Pollan, My Food Pyramid, school lunch program, USDA

One of the primary culprits in pushing unhealthful, obesity-promoting food is our venerable United States Department of Agriculture. Yes, this is the same organization that is responsible for the Food Pyramid, or as it known now--My Pyramid--bought and paid for...

Heather Mills Compliments Vegetarians in Paradise

Vegparadise Blog | January 2, 11 at 10:54 AM | Celebrities

Read More: Christmas vegan recipes, holiday vegan recipes, Vegetarians in Paradise

"When a site like Vegetarians In Paradise has recommendations for every major holiday of the year, you don't even have to bother searching for recipes."The Dreaming of a White Christmas menu gives recipes for dishes like vegan Holiday Snow Quiche...

These Barbies Spread the Vegan Message Around the World

Vegparadise Blog | December 14, 10 at 08:27 PM | Food, International

Read More: advertising, travel, vegans

"We're so sorry sir," we said, "But we're vegetarian, and we can't eat the soup because there's a bunch of meat in it."  "Vell, vust eat avound ze sausage. It von't bite!"  "Thanks but no thanks. We will just order...

A Lavish Feast of Cranberries

Vegparadise Blog | November 13, 10 at 10:47 AM | Food

Read More: Cranberries, Cranberry Recipes, Thanksgiving

Traditionally, cranberries are associated with sweet dishes--cranberry sauce, cranberry relish, cranberry bread, cranberry muffins, and cranberry pie. But cranberries add intriguing dimension to savory dishes as well.I've always made my own cranberry sauce--just as my mother did in preparation for...

Vegetarians in a Stew over Gaga

Vegparadise Blog | October 5, 10 at 11:15 AM | Celebrities

Burning the Koran or wearing a dress fashioned from raw meat--what's the difference? Both deeds are designed to attract the attention of the media, anger a large number of people, and become the subject of the next day's and week's...

We're Nervous about Our Orthorexia

Vegparadise Blog | September 14, 10 at 06:20 PM | Health, Lifestyle

t's not easy to be a health food junkie. Frankly, it's a lot of work. We know it, because we are health food junkies and have been for many years. In fact, we have been practitioners for over 20 years....

Salad Extravaganza Class with Zel Allen, Sept. 11, 11:00 A.M.

Vegparadise Blog | August 31, 10 at 10:23 AM | Food

Dressed, Drizzled and DrenchedWhen the salad IS the meal, it deserves to be enhanced with knockout oil-free dressing that heightens dining pleasure. Learn how to make these mouth-watering salad dressings:TAHINI DIJON, MAPLE MUSTARD,ARTICHOKE BRAZIL NUT, CASHEW CAESAR Zel Allen will...

Listen Up to Chow Down

Vegparadise Blog | August 5, 10 at 05:39 PM | Health, Video

What do Charles Venezia, John Oehrle, and Garnet Hall have in common? The answer: they're movie stars. Not household names, the three are featured players in a drama about their own mortality. Chow Down, a dynamic documentary, reveals how people...

Kudos for The Nut Gourmet

Vegparadise Blog | August 1, 10 at 05:43 PM | Food

Well, I must say I am very satisfied with The Nut Gourmet.  I can't get enough of nuts, and this book provides so many different recipes in which I can use nuts of all kinds :-).  I especially love how...

Becoming Raw -- The Ultimate Weight-Loss Regimen

Vegparadise Blog | July 8, 10 at 09:03 PM | Food

You don't have to be a raw devotee to benefit from reading Becoming Raw because so much of the nutritional information applies to everyone. Anyone who contemplates going raw will find this volume an essential guidebook for achieving success in...

We Found Our Love In Avalon

Vegparadise Blog | July 2, 10 at 05:11 PM | Food, Lifestyle

After trudging up and down the main street and side streets, examining menus posted outside the restaurant entrances, we were feeling downhearted. There wasn't much for vegans on any of the menus, but there was plenty and then some for...

Meatless Monday: An Initiative We Should All Support

Vegparadise Blog | June 9, 10 at 02:34 PM | Food, Lifestyle

If we are judged by the company we keep, we are in good company. Vegetarians in Paradise bedfellows turn out to be an impressive group of organizations interested in public health.The roster of organizations includes Columbia University Mailman School of...

Give Dad Special Attention with a Father's Day Vegan Barbecue

Vegparadise Blog | June 8, 10 at 04:40 PM | Food, Lifestyle

Read More: Barbecue, Father's Day, Veggie Texas Kebabs

Though a traditional Father's Day menu is quite carnivorous, the compassionate approach features hearty feasting on delicacies of the plant kingdom. Dad won't miss the meat with the zesty flavors of marinated Veggie Texas Kebabs that consist of skewers threaded...

"One Foot in the Grave and Another on a Banana Peel," Dr. P. Slides to Good Health

Vegparadise Blog | June 3, 10 at 06:21 PM

Most people would not question a surgeon for scheduling a triple bypass surgery when tests showed the dire need for this surgical procedure. "My heart's right main artery was 100% blocked and the two left arteries were 90% and 85%...

Dr. Neal Barnard Saved My Life

Vegparadise Blog | May 15, 10 at 06:43 PM | Health

A week after that, I received my A1C results. My count was 9.5, and my LDL and triglycerides were off the chart! None of the other measurements were any better. Now I was scared. I immediately went to the dresser...

Mom's the Word on Her Special Day

Vegparadise Blog | May 2, 10 at 12:29 PM | Food, Lifestyle

You may not consider yourself Julia Child's equal in the kitchen, but, take heart. Few of us have graduated from the rigors of Condon Bleu culinary training. And, it's unlikely Mom has such lofty expectations. You can be assured that...

From Afghanistan to the Vegan Table

Vegparadise Blog | April 21, 10 at 02:35 PM | Food, International

Normal 0 0 1 101 578 4 1 709 11.1282 0 0 0 A bowl and a jug of water are part of the traditional hand-washing ritual before each meal, since foods are shared communally and eaten mostly with...

Veganizing Easter and Passover

Vegparadise Blog | March 25, 10 at 08:31 PM | Food

Read More: Easter, History

Easter and Passover share many common threads. Each of the holidays connects Christian and Jewish people throughout the world to their spiritual roots, brings families and friends together, and celebrates the occasion by preparing foods that are part of a...

Erin Go Bragh, and That's No Blarney!

Vegparadise Blog | March 2, 10 at 09:23 PM | Lifestyle

Read More: Colcannon, Ireland, Leek Soup, Mashed potato, Potato, Saint Patrick's Day, Soda bread

For a delightful St. Patrick's Day celebration at home, dress the table in green, hang shamrocks and leprechauns on the walls, and begin the event with a sip of Sean O'Reilly's Cocktail, a delightful beverage dressed for the holiday in...

It's Coming--Are You Ready?

Vegparadise Blog | February 5, 10 at 01:42 PM | Food, Lifestyle

With hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, and fires wreaking havoc throughout the world and with terrorist attacks a possibility, it becomes urgent that all citizens be prepared for emergencies.A Vegetarians in Paradise reader in New York City wrote to us...