Walter Jacobson, M.D.

Walter Jacobson, M.D.

Posted January 3, 2010

Published in Lifestyle

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Why Doctor Who Is Happy and What We Can Learn From Him

Read More: choices, danger, Doctor Who, fear, happiness, joy, optimism, positivity, risks

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In the world of Doctor Who, the last of the Time Lords, when he is near death he is able to regenerate. When this happens he is transformed into a new version of himself.  He looks different and his former identity recedes into the background. However, he retains all his memories and all his talents and knowledge.

He also retains his tremendous joy for life, adventure, risk, and danger, and an immense optimism as well.

Last night, Doctor Who regenerated while traveling away from Earth in the Tardis, his time machine/spaceship. During the regeneration process, the Tardis was damaged.

As the new generation of himself is born, so to speak, and the transformation is complete, he needs a few moments to orient himself to reality and his new identity.

As he does this, one final elusive thought suddenly occurs to him, that the Tardis is speeding downward to Earth and he is about to crash.

And with that realization he starts giggling like a small boy, all whoops and hollers, excited about his latest predicament, and optimistic that he will prevail.

As he grabs onto a chunk of the Tardis, he shouts "Geronimo" with excitement and glee. No fear. No panic. Whatever will be will be.

One thing's for sure: Whatever happens, Doctor Who is going to make the most of it.

So that's our lesson: Be happy with whoever we are. Be happy with wherever we are. Be happy with whateve we're doing. Be happy with whoever we're with. Be happy to be alive. Jump into life's predicaments with optimism and positivity. And enjoy the ride!


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Just finished watching the final David Tennant episode - who was (is?) my favorite Doctor Who. He will be a very hard act to follow - Tennant is an amazingly talented, charismatic actor. He's truly unique.

I used to watch the old black and white episodes on PBS when I was a child, so I've been a Who-ie for some decades! If I could just talk Jeff into being a Doctor Who fan too, I wouldn't be forced to watch BBC America on my own. Perhaps now that he knows that you're a fan too, that might pique his interest.

Doctor Who approaches life with gusto, but he is ultimately a lonely guy.......


I agree with you about david tennant. he was what got me hooked on doctor who. he's got tremendous intensity and range and energy. he gave a lot of poignancy to the role and conveyed well doctor who's eternal loneliness.


Success! Got Jeff to watch the final 3 episodes - and I think he liked them. David Tennant really knows how to use those huge eyes of his to convey every emotional imaginable.


well done. now we've just got to hope that this new guy can pull it off, and that the stories hold up


good work. now we've just go to hope that this new guy can pull it off and that the stories are good, otherwise jeff's a goner.

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