Walter Jacobson, M.D.

Walter Jacobson, M.D.

Posted July 4, 2011

Published in Lifestyle

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The Miracle Of Love

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Years ago a co-worker was in the hospital dying of AIDS. We didn’t like each other but I went to see him to help lift his spirits. Before entering his room I decided I wouldn’t see his illness, I would see a human being deserving of love. We spent an exhilarating hour together laughing & sharing the joy of our lives. In that brief time we brought each other closer to God. Have you experienced a miracle in your life?


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Sounds like you gave him a beautiful gift, & in turn you received one back. :-)


yes. i was thinking about this yesterday, that what i did was consistent with what i encourage people to do in my practice and in my book, forgive to win, which is to be of service to others, to engage in estimable acts of kindness to others without conditions or exceptions, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER YOU LIKE THEM OR NOT, REGARDLESS OF IF THEY HAVE DONE HURTFUL THINGS TO YOU IN THE PAST.... this was the key, that is what i did... and in so doing i got out of my ego and into a place of love, which is what i am, what he is, what we all are.... a course in miracles speaks to this: "exempt no one from your love."... we were in a unified love space for that time together, it was foreign to most of my day to day worldly experiences... in extending love to him i was extending love to myself. we both won. it was incredible!... i didn't mention another very significant part of the story because i didn't want people to discredit the story based upon this other piece, but i feel i should share it now with you: the day i came in to see him, he was very ill, all treatments had failed, they decided to do a an extreme procedure, something to do with his bone marrow as a last ditch effort.... it was scheduled for the next morning.... before walking into the room to see him, i was filled with fear. what would i say to him, how would i act....and i did what the course advises we do, i asked the holy spirit to speak through me, to guide me, to direct what i would say and do. of myself i am nothing.... and then i walked in the door and the transformation happened. i can't explain it. but i was suddenly in this place of light and love, smiling at him, not seeing his illness, just seeing a loving friend, that was the only reality i saw.. and he responded with light and love and we shared stories as if we were too old friends sitting in a kitchen somewhere catching up with each other after being a part for a great amount of time... and then i left the room and went home. and the next day i went to work and everybody came up to me all excited and crazed, asking me what i had done to him because when they came later he couldn't stop talking about how wonderful it was seeing me and how great a time he had. they said he was glowing for hours.... prior to doing the extreme procedure, the doctors did another blood cell test and his hiv viral count had dropped precipitously, literally overnight, such that they did not feel the necessity to do the extreme procedure and it was put off.... i call that a miracle, when two spirits join in love, disease is not a reality... unfortunately, some weeks later he reverted back to his state of dis-ease and he passed away. but i don't regard that as a diminishment of what happened between us that day. the holy spirit entered and we were both healed for a time.

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