Walter Jacobson, M.D.

Walter Jacobson, M.D.

Posted August 28, 2011

Published in Lifestyle

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The Forgiveness Diet: Resentments vs Gratitude

Read More: ego, forgiveness, gratitude, happiness, personal development, resentments, self-sabotage

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It’s easy to get resentful when we are of service to others and engage in estimable acts of kindness towards others and do not get a thank you in return or some other form of appreciation we think we deserve. This is a mistake.

This is our ego trying to sabotage our Program. This is our ego keeping score. This is our ego judging others. This is our ego trying to run the show and keep us stuck in a place of competition. This is our ego trying to convince us that it’s a mistake to help others if they don’t show their gratitude.

Our reward for our efforts is our own gratitude, our own peace of mind, our knowledge that the gift of our giving is the healing we need (and the healing others are needing and getting as well despite how they behave and despite whether they are aware of what is going on by our actions or not).

There is a much bigger game going on that has much greater rewards than any you might think you’ll gain from participating in the dueling of egos. Release any thoughts of resentment. They will never serve you well.

Replace thoughts of resentment with thoughts of gratitude that you can bless and love and forgive others their trespasses, their confusions, their illusions and their delusions despite how they behave, and attain peace of mind, progress and prosperity in the process.