Walter Jacobson, M.D.

Walter Jacobson, M.D.

Posted November 15, 2009

Published in Health

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Swine Flu, Personal Relationships, and 2012

Read More: 2012, greed, relationships, swine flu, truth

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I read an article ( about swine flu vaccines containing mercury and other adjuvants that can cause multiple sclerosis, lupus, and other debilitating illnesses.

The article discusses how the makers of the vaccines are doing studies to prove safety but are using vaccines in the studies that do not contain mercury and the other adjuvants, which means they are fudging data to fool people into thinking their product is safe, so they can sell their snake oil with no consequences (people damaged by these vaccines cannot seek legal recourse.)

The article also exposes the fact that the need for swine flu vaccines has been magnified by distortion and outright lies, which means that what we have here is the pharmaceutical companies (in collusion with our government) lying to us and damaging us in order to make billions of dollars in profits.

When will such immoral and criminal behaviors stop? Maybe never. But we've got no chance of these behaviors stopping if we continue to allow fear and deception to hold sway over education and logic.

It is imperative, now more than ever, that we use our critical thinking to recognize the lies and distortions, and then use the social media networks we've established on the internet to inform and alert the rest of the populace, and to encourage all people, regardless of the issue at hand, to join the bandwagon of truth and accountability.

When we catch institutions or individuals lying to us, we need to stop supporting them, even if they champion our pet causes and belief systems.

The same can be said for our personal relationships. If we meet someone who sends the sparks flying, the chemistry is cooking, the infatuation is intoxicating, but, at the same time, our radar picks up certain truths (red flags) about their character and behaviors which we do not approve of, it behooves us to exit stage left and seek our romantic bonding elsewhere.

It won't be relevant how exciting and sexy the person is when we develop a relationship with that person which ultimately leads to our being manipulated, degraded and abused.

When institutions lie to us and we do nothing, and when people we're in relationships with lie to us and we do nothing, we are setting ourselves up for a world of pain.

When institutions and people we're in relationships with put their own needs above ours, despite claiming otherwise, it behooves us to consider Michael Jackson's perspective: "They don't really care about us.," and find ways to extricate ourselves from a losing proposition.

If the world ends on December 21, 2012, it will not be due to cataclysmic natural disasters. It will be due to mediocrity, not cream, rising to the top and making decisions for the planet based on self-serving greed, which lead to irrevocable damage that cannot be repaired.

We can't afford to be silent anymore. We can't afford to be in denial. We can't afford to allow a status quo that places a priority on selfishness over truth, compassion, and cooperation.


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