Walter Jacobson, M.D.

Walter Jacobson, M.D.

Posted April 5, 2014

Published in Lifestyle, Video

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Only The Mind Can Be Sick. Only The Mind Is In Need Of Healing

Read More: a course in miracles, acceptance, disease, forgive to heal, forgive to win, forgiveness, healing, love, medicine, mind-body connection, personal development, self help, walter jacobson md

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The mind-body connection is much greater than most people appreciate. Our thoughts create our reality. Our thoughts dis-ease us. Our thoughts can heal us. Laughter isn't the best medicine. Forgiveness, acceptance and love are. SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH VIDEO


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As one of dissertation writers for hire I'd state the slightly truthier truth: pool of actual deep thinkers was always small. Pool of people who could apply deep thoughts (meaning master them and then fit them to circumstances) larger, but still very small. (Call them the amphibious pool). Pool of unthinking fish flopping about on the beaches of ignorance and acausality, most of human race, always.

What the internet is doing is helping the deep thinkers and amphibians move up onto the land to flop about haplessly with the rest of the unthinking fish. It's a rescue from all those scary thoughts and thinky-thinks. People who might have wasted their whole lives figuring out things no one ever knew before, and being appreciated by a handful of people with the vision to use those ideas (who would also have been wasting their lives) are being restored to their rights to enjoy pop music stars who don't wear enough or drink too much, heartwarming cats, and Important Relationship Issues.

Be honest. You never really liked those thinky people in the first place. At last they have invented a way for their children to escape into the Great Overwashed/Overmedicated/Overesteemed. Stop pretending you're worried about them. They're going to be happy like you. You just wanted to exploit them for more new toys and comfies.

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