Walter Jacobson, M.D.

Walter Jacobson, M.D.

Posted December 4, 2010

Published in Lifestyle

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My Past Life Regression Therapy Training With Dr. Brian Weiss - Part 3

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At the Past Life Regression Therapy Training with Dr. Brian Weiss, people had experiences that ranged from fleeting impressions, images, words, and sensations to richly-detailed memories of previous existences.

The one that stood out the most for me was a woman with chronic back pain who found herself, during the past life regression, transported to World War II Poland where she, her family, and neighbors were crammed into cattle cars by the Nazis and then taken to a work camp.

She was able to describe in detail her family members, incidents, conversations, her caring for others at her own expense, the back-breaking working conditions, and her death in the work camp hospital.

When she came out of the regression, she told the group that she had been at the cattle car location during her present life and when she was there she had been overtaken with a wave of unexplainable grief.

One of the other attendees had also been to that place in this, her present life, and said that she had been inexplicably overwhelmed with tears at that time as well.

From what I understand, the woman who had the regression has been getting more impressions from that past life since having the experience, that she is using them to research that period of time, to raise awareness regarding that period of time and similar dangers our world faces today, and to heal herself.

Messages From The Other Side

Another experience at the training that stood out in my mind: A woman described, in detail, the vision of a 9 or 10 year old girl with pigtails, dancing around, full of life and happiness. The woman was overcome with great sadness, which made no sense to her in the presence of this joyous little girl.

Another attendee stood up and walked onto the stage. She pulled out of her wallet a photograph of her daughter who had died at the age of 10 and asked the woman if the girl in the photograph was the little girl she saw in her vision. It was.

Dr. Weiss explained that sometimes spirits, in their desire to help their loved ones heal and grow, will present themselves in the minds of other people, so that when the message is delivered to the loved one they want to help it has much greater impact.

Dr. Weiss stated that the woman who had the vision was experiencing the joy of the little girl and the current grief of the mother at the same time. And that the message from the little girl's spirit to her mother was likely: Stop grieving. My spirit lives on. I'm alive and happy.

Love and Devotion

As for me, the message I got at the time of my past life regression was one of love, that we should express our love to others without fear of disapproval, ridicule or rejection, that the gift of love that we offer to others is a gift that will return to us many-fold in miraculous ways we can't predict or imagine.

After the regression I received an additional message, that the lesson from my past life regression was not simply about love but about devotion as well, that devotion is a very important part of the lesson I'm here to learn.

When I care for my dog, I need do it with devotion to detail, with devotion to her needs being met more than mine. When I care for our horses, the same need be true, that I need be fully present, fully dedicated, fully communicative and nurturing.

And, last but not least, I need be devoted in my service to others, in the expression of my compassion, acceptance and forgiveness of everyone whose path I cross, and in my bonding with my significant others.