Walter Jacobson, M.D.

Walter Jacobson, M.D.

Posted December 5, 2012

Published in Lifestyle

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Love Never Fails

Read More: effective communication, emotional baggage, forgiveness, happiness, love, relationships

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A former patient of mine thanked me recently for helping her develop tools to communicate more effectively with her husband and resolve the difficulties in their relationship. She mentioned that they still have their ups and downs, but she is able to effectively navigate the rough waters when they occur. She then shared this story that had happened a few days earlier:

I was walking on the street in the rain, contemplating an argument I had just had with my husband, trying to sort it all out and find resolution and peace.

The gutter next to me was full of leaves, blocking water from flowing into the drain. It made me think of love and obstacles in its way, how love can be blocked. I thought of the water as love and leaves as baggage keeping it from flowing its course.

As I was walking, the rain began to get heavier. Then I heard something... water running next to me... I looked... and I saw all the leaves being carried by the influx of water. The blockage had broken and the water was running free.

I stood still and understood. Love is like that water. With too little, it gets caught up in baggage, but if you give it more, you give it power to flow. I knew what I needed to do to resolve the problem with my husband. It worked.

Love never fails.