Walter Jacobson, M.D.

Walter Jacobson, M.D.

Posted May 12, 2014

Published in Lifestyle

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Jesus Was Waterboarded On The Cross

Read More: climate change, compassion, exterminations, forgiveness, jesus, judgment, personal power, savior, self help, wars, waterboarding

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"Chihuahua Rescued From Divider On California Highway" - This isn't just a cute little dog rescue story. On a deeper level it is a metaphor for man's relationship to his fellow man. The compassion, patience and tenderness of this police officer is what the world needs now on a global scale for its survival. Forget about climate change wiping us out. We're wiping ourselves out.

Diversity is a beautiful thing when it unifies rather than separates and divides. Unfortunately, we are in the "separates and divides" portion of the Program. Our insane rage, our fear-based prejudices are divisive, not inclusive, and as such can only lead to chaos, anarchy, war, and mass exterminations on a level that would have had adolph hitler in awe.

The fact that this story touches one's heart is beautiful. That police officer was a savior of sorts and a savior is what the world needs now. A sage. A wise man. Oh the courage it would take. Look how well it worked for Jesus. Yes, he is revered by hundreds of millions of people but he was still waterboarded on a cross. And 2014 years later we're still at it, victimizing and persecuting our fellow man, particularly those who are "different from us."

So what's my point? Each of us must do the best we can to take the spark of humanity this story touched in our hearts and fan it into a frenzy of humanistic behavior: The End Of Judgment! Unconditional compassion and forgiveness, without exception, towards family, friends, co-workers, peers, acquaintances, servers at restaurants, strangers, enemies, animals, plants of all races, colors and creeds!

Be the Best Savior You Can Be!