Walter Jacobson, M.D.

Walter Jacobson, M.D.

Posted May 3, 2011

Published in Health

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"Forks Over Knives" - A Film Review

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If you're not a vegan, you're killing yourself with the food you're eating. You're killing yourself with the false beliefs you have about the nutritional importance of animal products. You're killing yourself by creating in your body high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer. And if you don't believe me, go see this documentary. It just might save your life.

I guarantee that if you have the willingness to see this informative and entertaining film, you will have the necessary knowledge to reverse numerous disease states brewing in your body (including heart disease and cancer), get off medications you think you need to maintain good health, lose weight and feel great.

These are not idle claims. This film documents scientific studies done by dedicated doctors and researchers who, over decades, have demonstrated the healing power of a whole foods, plant-strong diet which excludes all animal products, oils and processed foods.

We have been conned, my friends, by our government and big business into believing that we need the protein in meat and the calcium in milk in order to thrive. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is these products that destroy the endothelial cells lining our blood vessels, which leads to heart disease, sudden death from heart attacks, and coronary bypass surgeries.

The title of the film speaks to this issue of bypass surgeries in the sense that when we choose to put on our forks foods that heal and don't harm us, we can spare ourselves the unique experience of having our chest cut open with a knife and a vein removed from our leg sewn onto our heart to bypass the clogged up arteries we have created by eating an animal-based diet.


If you want to live in denial, best you don't see this film. If you want to open your eyes to a simple solution that will literally save your life and those of your loved ones, and solve massive economic problems in our country better known as the health care / pharmaceutical business system, you must see this film.

Are you aware of the epidemic of obesity in our country? Are you aware that this generation of children may be the first generation ever to live a shorter lifespan than their parents? We are seeing childhood diabetes, obesity and hypertension like never before. It is insane. We are addicted to garbage. We are killing our children with our terribly toxic eating habits.

Unlike "Food, Inc." another well-made documentary about the food we eat, "Forks Over Knives" does not delve into the horrific, inhumane, barbaric brutality unleashed on animals in the ironic pursuit of food sources that are killing us spiritually as well as literally. It is a straight-forward, scientific, clear elucidation of facts that cannot be disputed. Denied, yes. Disputed, no way.

Certainly, there will be those who choose to look at this film through jaundiced eyes, and ridicule the vegan revolution as one more example of hippy-dippy California dreaming, nouveau foolishness. Don't be one of them. The only one you'll be fooling is yourself.

Dare to look at the facts behind the foods you eat. Dare to challenge your biases and your fears. Go see this film and take your first step towards changing your life in miraculous, exhilarating ways you can't possibly imagine.

("Forks Over Knives" is opening in Los Angeles and New York this Friday, May 6th and is opening wide across the nation in the following weeks.)




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