Walter Jacobson, M.D.

Walter Jacobson, M.D.

Posted May 28, 2012

Published in Lifestyle

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Forgiveness: The Global Solution

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Our planet is having a nervous breakdown. Due to ever-increasing greed, selfishness, deceit, corruption, judgment, intolerance, divisiveness, hatred, anger and aggression, humanity is spiraling downward into the abyss.

Unless we are able to elevate the consciousness of others and move from a place of fear, attack, and separation to a place of compassion, cooperation and unity, we will experience escalating conflicts and wars, economic inequality and poverty, environmental devastation and scarcity of resources, disease and pestilence, and global emotional suffering that will never go away.

There is ONE SOLUTION that can resolve all of these problems, restore our collective sanity, and lead us out of the abyss. That one solution is: FORGIVENESS.

Consequently, I have created the group, “Forgiveness: The Global Solution,” on the Global One TV website, an amazing resource for the spiritually and mystically inclined.

The Mission

It is the Mission of this group to play a major role in the transformation of the planet by consistently and repeatedly promoting the power of forgiveness, acceptance and love. This involves a three-pronged approach:

(1) We practice, as best we can, on a daily basis: Estimable acts of kindness towards others; Letting go of judgments, resentments, jealousies and petty grievances; Accepting and Forgiving others unconditionally and without exception, regardless of how badly they may have behaved.

(2) We actively participant in the development, growth and spiritual prosperity of this group and this website by contributing our comments, our observations, our trials and errors, our victories, our confusions, and our clarity. We contribute links to synergistic resources.

Perhaps more importantly than contributing to the conversation is to CONTINUALLY contribute to the conversation, to continually keep the force of forgiveness in the forefront of our mind so that we don’t lose the passion and drive that is necessary if we are to accomplish our Mission.

(3) We share our philosophy and our mission with our friends, family, and peers. We engage our other social networks by SHARING, LIKING, TWEETING, etc. material from our group. We encourage our friends in our other social networks to join our group and be part of the solution.

Please consider joining “Forgiveness: The Global Solution” and help us make a difference: