Walter Jacobson, M.D.

Walter Jacobson, M.D.

Posted September 2, 2011

Published in Lifestyle

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Everything is Love or a Call For Love

Read More: A Course In Miracles, forgiveness, love, personal development, positive psychology, relationships, self improvement, Spirituality

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When you have difficulty forgiving, keep in mind that the underlying reason people attack us is because of fear and insecurity, and that what they are really doing is calling out for love. If you can appreciate this and rise above the battlefield of dueling egos, you have the opportunity to respond with compassion and forgiveness, and significantly transform the experience and the relationship. SCROLL DOWN TO SEE VIDEO


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Excellent advice, Dr Walter! :-) Thank you. Going to share w/a friend who's having this kind of issue w/her female boss at work. It's the way of Non Violent Communication, Compassionate Communication...find empathy for the person & for oneself & support your & their needs rather than judging & reacting.


Hi, Marr
Thanks for taking the time to give me feedback and share your thoughts. Indeed, this is a powerful lesson that can bring each of us great peace of mind in the midst of emotional turmoil; and it has the power to heal and transform others. Have a great day.
peace and blessings.


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