Walter Jacobson, M.D.

Walter Jacobson, M.D.

Posted May 13, 2014

Published in Lifestyle, Video

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Everybody Needs Anger Management

Read More: anger management, forgiveness, happiness, judgment, personal development, relationships, resentments, self help, walter e jacobson

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Anger is a much abused emotion. It serves a good purpose when it alerts us to the possibility of danger so that we can mobilize our energy. Fight or flight. But long after it has served this purpose as a signal device for our survival, we hang onto it and allow it to consume us. We use it as a weapon to manipulate, bully and terrorize others while justifying our actions by painting ourselves as the victims. To put it simply: anger is bad news and most of us, to lesser and greater degrees, spend way too much time being judgmental and rageful. To put it even simpler: anger hurts. forgiveness heals. SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH VIDEO


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true indeed..anger can make us do things we will regret will make our loved ones reevaluate their relationship with us..of course some may stay by but some may just give up and move yeah manage your anger no matter what..postpone all things..use if you are a student and cannot manage your time..all in all do whatever it takes..go all the way till you get the job done

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