Walter Jacobson, M.D.

Walter Jacobson, M.D.

Posted January 8, 2010

Published in Health

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A Kindness A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

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Anger and kindness are on opposite poles, opposite ends of the spectrum. When we're angry we're not kind and when we're kind we're not angry. The two are truly mutually exclusive even if we con ourselves into thinking otherwise with some clever verbal salad.

It's a fact that anger is hazardous to our health. Just ask Type A people who aren't just workaholics, they're also full of rage, and they are also frequent flyers in the Cardiac Care Unit, from which it is one quick hop, skip and a jump to the grave.

Anger stimulates the release of stress chemicals. Anger raises blood pressure and depresses the immune system.

Anger causes us to be imbalanced, sometimes to the point of making very impulsive, reckless decisions that have dire physical consequences for ourselves and others.

If anger is bad for us, then not being angry is good for us.

And so we make an affirmation, a resolution, to engage in acts of kindness, to be compassionate and generous towards others, to be understanding and forgiving.

As we let go of our aggression towards others and replace it with compassion, we help others and heal ourselves in the process.


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I believe this. I read years ago a study about the quality of life and life span of people were involved in volunteerism. It stressed how it improved their overall happiness because they were focusing on something/someone outside themselves.

I see it when I visit my 88 year old step mother who is in assisted living. Initially she tells me how bad she feels, how tired she is and is panting. After engaging her in conversation, she is sitting up, bright-eyed and alert, not panting, not complaining, not thinking about her problems.

BTW, how's Gracie? Has she forgiven you? ;o)


gracie is doing well, thank you. she has a couple more weeks and then she may be able to get her cast off and start running and playing again... yay!.....

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