Walter Jacobson, M.D.

Walter Jacobson, M.D.

Posted July 10, 2010

Published in Lifestyle

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The 7 Principles of Peace of Mind - A Book Review

Read More: fear, happiness, inspiration, love, motivation, success

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There is no question that fear is a predominant force in our lives. We victimize ourselves with our fear thoughts, and the end result is a life less fulfilling than it could be.

If we can learn to release our fear and give it no power to disturb us, we can maximize our potentials for health, happiness, satisfying relationships and self-actualization in all other areas of our lives.

So the question is: How do we do this?  In her book, Fearless, psychologist, speaker and relationship expert Brenda Shoshanna provides us with the answer.


Fearless, a blueprint for neutralizing our fear in order to get the life that we want, is a compilation of psychological and spiritual wisdom. It is an amalgam of aphorisms, anecdotes, and exercises, all designed to help us release our fear, empower ourselves, and change the reality of our lives in the process.

Part 1: The Seven Principles of Peace of Mind, details: (1) The Courage To Be Who You Are; (2) Letting Go of Attachments and Grasping; (3) Recognizing the Voices Within; (4) Finding A Safe Harbor; (5) Blessing Others: Deeds of Love; (6) Letting Go of Control and Domination; and (7) Discovering Your Perfect Nature: Becoming A Friend.

Part 2: Becoming Whole, Finding The Precious Jewel, provides additional wisdom and tools for discovering our authentic self and mastering our world rather than being victimized by it.

Part 3: Workshop On Dissolving Fear, offers additional exercises related to each of the Seven Principles of Peace of Mind and Becoming Whole, Finding The Precious Jewel.

In these turbulent times there are many reasons for us to be stressed, depressed, anxious and fearful, but that doesn't mean we need be paralyzed and immobilized because of them.

In order to avoid this fate, we need good tools. We need books like Fearless that are wise, well thought out and well presented, which can assist us in effectively navigating our lives.

If we want our lives to be a fearless, joyful journey, we need to love more and fear less. Dr. Shoshanna's book, Fearless, can help us do this.