Posted November 13, 2009

Published in Lifestyle

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Pirate Radio - a fascinating slice of music history

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I heard this story on NPR this afternoon - it was so fascinating that when I got home a little while ago, I actually found it on the NPR website, so I could listen to it again.

In the 60s, the BBC in the UK didn't allow commercial radio broadcasting, and had banned rock 'n roll from the airwaves. So this group of entrepreneurial lads took to the sea, and defied the powers that were by broadcasting The Beatles, The Rollings Stones, and all of the great "British Invasion" bands from international waters.

-The story is out this week, in honor of the release of Pirate Radio, a film about the rebel broadcasters. Check out this podcast, you'll enjoy it.




The Real Story Behind
Britain's Rock 'N' Roll Pirates