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Livin' the life and eatin' the food!

Blog Entries by vegwitch

On-line veggie food recommendation -

vegwitch | November 22, 09 at 04:30 PM | Food

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Recently we received a lovely "care package" from, which describes itself as, "The First and Only On-Line Vegan Restaurant featuring Vegetarian Versions of America's favorite classic dishes and more." Each and every dessert, entree or side dish we sampled was...

Pirate Radio - a fascinating slice of music history

vegwitch | November 13, 09 at 06:26 PM | Lifestyle

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I heard this story on NPR this afternoon - it was so fascinating that when I got home a little while ago, I actually found it on the NPR website, so I could listen to it again. In the 60s,...

wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome!

vegwitch | November 5, 09 at 01:04 PM | Homeschool

After 13 years on the 'net, it was about time for a remodel! So here we are in our new space - hope you enjoy it.      ...