Posted January 5, 2010

Published in Green, Health, Lifestyle

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Let's Help Each Other Do Things Better!

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The beauty of blogging is the interactiveness and the ability to share ideas. In the spirit of this blogging-connectedness, I invite you to join me in helping one another in learning ways to do things better for the planet and for ourselves.

Bi-weekly, I will be posting a "doing things better" challenge- it may be something simple that you are already doing, or something that may take more effort- but the idea is to focus on one challenge at a time and give each other ideas and tips on how to incorporate greener living into our lives.

Just like we've learned over time to rely on disposable containers or take for granted we have a seemingly unlimited supply of cheap fuel, we now can learn to be efficient and conscientious in all of our activities and choices.

And the best part is, you don't have to do it alone. Together we can do more than we could alone. And that's what it's all about: coming together to make BIG and GOOD changes!


So here is the first challenge: Join the Tap Movement

Do you remember there was a time when it seemed preposterous to buy water? If you were thirsty you went to the faucet. Well, sometime between then and now, we were convinced that tap water is for doing dishes and bottled water is for drinking. The irony is, the bottled water we are buying is usually filtered tap water anyway. And worse, we are now paying money for a product that takes 1.5 million barrels of fossil fuels  to manufacture and transport and wastes 3-5 liters of water for every liter bottled! And the bottles themselves, we have recently learned, leach chemicals into the water...the water that we are paying extra money for in order to be healthy. Where does the irony end? Well, not there.

The end result of bottled water- the empty bottle - ends up in landfills or incinerators, where the chemicals in the plastic get us again by leaching into our water supply and air. Only 20% of the 30 million disposable water bottles used every day are recycled- and the caps never are. Sometimes I ponder the waste of just the small caps alone, and how many of them are produced and tossed a day- and that alone is enough to make me run for the tap!

So that is your first challenge-  to pledge to not buy bottled water again and instead drink filtered tap water and use a stainless steel bottle away from home. This may take some planning, but once you assess your water intake and get used to refilling your bottles before you head out, you will be a pro. And a sleek stainless steel water bottle is the hottest new accessory (that may just be my opinion, but I know I am not alone in thinking that).

Now, all filters are not created equal. Brands like Brita and Pur are two popular ones that remove chlorine and will make your water taste better, but if you want one that removes a wide range of contaminants we recommend a carbon filter system.

Our favorite is Multi-Pure water filters and they come in a variety of systems from counter top, under the counter, and whole house.

Ok- so let's bring the good old days back and get reacquainted with your tap!

And if you already have implemented this green habit into your life, then your challenge for the next two weeks is to think of someone you can convince to join the tap movement with you!