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From: Kevin Yee (
Subject: Ode to Peace
Date: October 1, 2004 at 8:12 pm PST


Horses without tails, crazed monkey with cymbals, what does she think of me, shiit, what am I going to have for dinner, she looks good I would like to…, why did I think that, I wonder-what if?, what huh…did you say something. The mind is constantly blabbering this sort of nonsense-unconsciously, disconnectedly running from thought to thought without reason or purpose. It is easy to control my body, “Arm raise, leg lift, run, walk, sit, nod, smile (fake smile)” -command the body to do something and it does it. Now command the mind to be still, to stop running from thought to thought-thinking about the what ifs of the past and the future along with an assorted variety of insanity (ie crazed monkeys with cymbals). AHHHH!!! I can’t stop my mind, I can’t control my mind, I can’t quiet my mind. How do I quiet my mind…how do I begin to LIVE IN THE PRESENT? The pointless thoughts, the meaningless blabber, the stupidity of it all how can I focus, how can I merge with the one, how can I be at peace? Noo, the disconnected thoughts of what will be, could be and should be arise again….
What path is G the right path, should I go to Humbolt state, should I try to go to UC Berkeley, did I make a mistake moving to California in the first place, There is too much O image and bullshi in San Diego, why do the people around me not see their suffering… our suffering,D sex drugs rock and roll are our reali Ity, three political science majors for roommates and not a one thought beyond sensual pleasure, Education is creating sheep, sheep will run our world. AHHHHH, Plato would be Sdisgusted with the Pculture that we have created. Religious fundamentalism is a crock, the bible was never meant to be taken literally-how do you explain an omnipresent, all knowing being in literal terms, our punyE English language can’t contain her, the only way to even get at the point is through poetry, metaphorical Astories that extol morality and the way to God-this is the BIBLE. Daoism….what the *%#@!. “The Tao that cannot be C named is not the eternal Tao.” Triceratops and bananas….What value is the TAO, if I knew I couldn’t say if I Esaid I couldn’t know. Are you enlightened? “In order to know whether or not I was enlightened, I would have to know what enlightenment is, and in order to know what enligGhtenment is I would already have to be enlightened.” HUH…..O
De de de de dum deedle de I saw a. la la la. The reason why people love sports is not because throwing D balls around feels that great it’s the zone they reach-aka Satori. In the present moment, its funny how one of the hardest places Ifor me to get is Here and Now-the only thing that exists. Deep in the cave where the chained men see only shadowsS and upon being released a man is blinded by the sun, then he realizes the sun is that P which brings light to the shadowsE and then the manA returns to the cave to reveal this truth to his brothers inC shadow and they declare heresy, lies!! They Etell the man that Ghe has lost his vision, he isO blind to the obvious worldD of shadow, but the enlightened man says no Iit is you who are blind and I who can Ssee. 1.12..123…1234….12 P345…..12345 E67.......7*2 =14.The Aneighbor is quick to Csay what is good and what Eis bad, but the wise farmer says-good, bad I dunno. GThere is truth to this, yes or no. it seemsO true yes, but is Dall relative. If all is relative can IS find truth, a battle between Plato and Confucius E versus Aristotle and LAo Tzu. Is man no different from beast? C Or is man a cognitivE being, apart from Gbeast-ableO to learn universal principles and D with these principles developI technology that allowS man to create his own reality, P bend nature toE his will. Or is manA no different from beast, Ctigers have claws, sharks havE sharp teeth, kangaroosG jump, Oants have numbers and organization, Dhyenas and vultures scavenge, fish swIm, birds fly, Snakes bite, and humans thinks. Are Panimals actually supErior to us becAuse they know their plaCE? Animals G knOw that to surviveD one must eat and not be eaten thIS is their truth, their PEACE. Humans worry about GOing to D the rIght Scollege, impressing PEople, lust After sucCEss whether GOD the success lIeS in sPorts, businEss, sex-life, or religion…All the while unconCErned with the fact Gthat there is plenty of foOD on the table and a roof over the head-the roof ISn’t even necessary esPEcially not in SAn DiCEgo where the people are as fake as the weather don’t ISay that that’s not true I have met many good, PEACEfull people here…I really have. When GOD I put my hands together I feel the aura, but do IS feel the aura because I want to fPEel the Aura? Does not scienCE speak of electromagnetic fields around human..G..O..D...yet another example of the eaISt and the wPest rEAllyCE finding the same truths but defining and talkingGOD about them in a different cultural context. ISYour in my bubble!! He gets toPEACE close to me when he talksGOD to me. It makes me uncomfortable, IS this bubble the aura, why else PEACEwould we feel this way, GODtalking of a personal bubble ISor space sounds the same PEACEas talking about auras GODand electromagnetic fields.IS Many paths to the PEACEsame summit….GODHinduism understands thIS arguably more than PEACEany religion. GOD This class IS boring, just dry PEACE facts-religion without emotion, spirituality GOD without spirit, facts but notIS knowledge, definiently not wis PEACEdom, no not wisdom. GODWait no I shouldn’t say that, there IS valuePEACE there is benefit I am getting outlines this GODIS an intro class maybe I shouldn’t PEACEexpect more. Lions and Tigers and Zebras,,,,Akuna matata, what a wonderful phrase, it means GOD no worries for the rest of your days, ItS our problem freePEACEee!!! Philosophy, Akuna matata…GODakuna matata ISakuna matata akuna matata. PEACE Maybe Pumone and Timba were Daoists. GOD ISThey were totally divorced from society, dedicated to an ac PEACEtic lifestyle as Lao TzuGOD did ISn the end of his life after being disgusted byPEACE the people’s inability GODor unwillingness to live ISn accordance with the TPEACEo. I wonder if the prGODfessor notices that this IS14 pt type rather than 12,PEACE will he care? HMMM I GODIS don’t know. Thought about organizing PEACE an essay on Taoism, then GOD decided on meditation InStead. Then thought PEACE about organizing an essay on meditation, purple monkey GOD IS PEACE cabbage, I need an intro GOD IS PEACE which contains GOD IS PEACE a thesis, three GOD IS PEACE paragraphs that GOD IS PEACE directly connect GOD IS PEACE to the GOD IS PEACE thesis and GOD IS PEACE a conclusion GOD IS PEACE that GOD IS PEACE neatly sums GOD IS PEACE up the GOD IS PEACE whole essay GOD IS PEACE by repeating GOD IS PEACE the thesis GOD IS PEACE and saying GOD IS PEACE something GOD IS PEACE sentimental GOD IS PEACE about GOD IS PEACE learning GOD IS PEACE or GOD IS PEACE the GOD IS PEACE value GOD IS PEACE of GOD IS PEACE meditation. GOD IS PEACE Yea GOD IS PEACE I GOD IS PEACE decided not to GOD IS PEACE do GOD IS PEACE that, GOD IS PEACE I GOD IS PEACE am GOD IS PEACE sick GOD IS PEACE of GOD IS PEACE being GOD IS PEACE confined GOD IS PEACE in GOD IS PEACE a GOD IS PEACE 5 paragraph GOD IS PEACE format. GOD IS PEACE Even GOD IS PEACE if GOD IS PEACE I GOD IS PEACE did an GOD IS PEACE essay GOD IS PEACE on the GOD IS PEACE Tao, GOD IS PEACE what GOD IS PEACE would GOD IS PEACE that GOD IS PEACE do?-“ GOD IS PEACE The GOD IS PEACE Tao GOD IS PEACE that GOD IS PEACE can GOD IS PEACE be GOD IS PEACE named GOD IS PEACE is GOD IS PEACE not GOD IS PEACE the A GOD IS PEACE eternal GOD IS PEACE Tao.”GOD IS PEACE In GOD IS PEACE touch GOD IS PEACE with GOD IS PEACE the GOD IS PEACE source GOD IS PEACE of GOD IS PEACE creative GOD IS PEACE insight GOD IS PEACE, am GOD IS PEACE I GOD IS PEACE ? young GOD IS PEACE skywalker, GOD IS PEACE you GOD IS PEACE know GOD IS PEACE notGOD IS PEACE theGOD IS PEACEwaysGOD IS PEACEof GOD IS PEACE theGOD IS PEACEforceGOD IS PEACE(tao)GOD IS PEACE. GOD IS PEACEWas GOD IS PEACEyodaGOD IS PEACEaGOD IS PEACE taoistGOD IS PEACE?GOD IS PEACEMaybeGOD IS PEACE pumone, GOD IS PEACE timba,GOD IS PEACE yoda,GOD IS PEACElaoGOD IS PEACE tzu,GOD IS PEACE andGOD IS PEACEchuangGOD IS PEACEtzuGOD IS PEACE shouldGOD IS PEACEstartGOD IS PEACEaGOD IS PEACETaoist clubGOD IS PEACEwhereGOD IS PEACEtheyGOD IS PEACEcouldGOD IS PEACEtalkGOD IS PEACEaboutGOD IS PEACEhowGOD IS PEACEthere GOD IS PEACEisGOD IS PEACEnothingGOD IS PEACEtoGOD IS PEACE talkGOD IS PEACEabout.GOD IS PEACEShouldGOD IS PEACEhave GOD IS PEACEwrittenGOD IS PEACEaGOD IS PEACEbetterGOD IS PEACE essayGOD IS PEACE. GOD IS PEACE.GOD IS PEACE.GOD IS PEACE.GOD IS PEACE.GOD IS PEACElGOD IS PEACEeGOD IS PEACEt GOD IS PEACEiGODIS PEACEtGOD IS PEACEgGOD IS PEACEoGOD IS PEACE. GOD IS PEACE GOD IS PEACE GOD IS PEACE GOD IS PEACE GOD IS PEACE GOD IS PEACE GOD IS PEACE GOD IS PEACE GOD IS PEACE GOD IS PEACE GOD IS PEACE GOD IS PEACE GOD IS PEACE GOD IS PEACE GOD IS PEACE GOD IS PEACE GOD IS PEACE GOD IS PEACE GOD IS PEACE GOD IS PEACE GOD IS PEACE GOD IS PEACE GOD IS PEACE GOD IS PEACE GOD IS PEACE GOD IS PEACE GOD IS PEACE GOD IS PEACE GOD IS PEACE GOD IS PEACE GOD IS PEACE GOD IS PEACE GOD IS PEACE GOD IS PEACE GOD IS PEACE GOD IS PEACE GOD IS PEACE GOD IS PEACE GOD IS PEACE GOD IS PEACE

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