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From: Rocket Scientist (
Subject: Suggestions
Date: September 10, 2004 at 6:43 am PST

In Reply to: Re: Breathing posted by Kez in England on September 8, 2004 at 11:42 am:

Hi Kez,

I'm delighted to hear that you are having some good results - whether from meditating or from eating raw food, doesn't matter because both will bring long-term benefits!

About your question - when I am doing this breathing technique, I sort of pretend I am an observer, watching myself. Example: I'm inhaling until my body is satisfied, now I'm letting my body exhale at the pace it wants. (As a note, I very seldom am able to feel the pause after inhaling, it goes by so fast for me.) My exhale is slowing down, getting slower as I run out of air. Is it done yet? Not quite, a little more. Now I'm done exhaling, I'm just going to sit here, see how long it takes for my body to inhale again. How long will it be this time? Oh, there it goes!

Does that make sense? Kind of long and drawn out for a description, but that's really what's happening in my mind, most of the time. You *can* visualize different things, like a ball of light, or imagine you are breathing in strength or peace - I will do something like that if I'm having a really stressful time. (I have had problems with panic attacks - a couple of weeks ago, I had a very hard time, so I was doing things like that, inhaling love, exhaling stress, etc. But I don't do it as a general rule. I have stress in my life, everyone does, but I am not my stress, so I don't focus on it - that helps to keep it from exploding.)

A few other things to keep in mind. First, definitely, meditate however long you can, like Keith said! Five minutes is terrific, if that is all you can manage consistently! Second, keep in mind that your mind and your body both know what is best for you, and when. They will guide you toward what you most need at any given time. Right now, you need raw food, and a new habit of meditation. Who knows why, you may not ever really figure out exactly why. That's not the point - the point is your body/mind are trying to take care of you. So let them, and don't worry about the outcome so much. It sounds like you definitely need more peace in your life, and it will come - but it won't happen overnight. The part of you that is easily irritated or disrupted needs to be re-trained to not react so quickly, and to react in a more positive way. That takes time! And persistence!

You may also have times when it seems like your old problems are coming back - i.e. when you don't sleep as well or have that much energy. That doesn't mean you've done something wrong, or that your new dietary habit or meditation habit isn't doing you any good. The good things you do for yourself *always* count... But the results may be ones you just can't see very easily.

Imagine this. Imagine a person who grows up drinking a lot of water, at least 8 glasses a day. Then suddenly, at age 25, they cut it down to 2 glasses a day, or less. What would happen? Possibly they'd start suffering headaches, sleeplessness, lack of energy, poor digestion. But when they were drinking lots of water, they never *noticed* it doing them any good! But it was. All those years. It was a good habit that sort of stayed in the background and kept them from having problems. That is why consistency is important.

Did you know there is a Parenting board at VegSource? It's possible you could get some suggestions there about ways to stay calm when dealing with your kids, and how to motivate them to behave differently. Have you talked to their dad about it? (By the way, don't feel like there's something wrong with you... I tend to feel really uncomfortable around children, just in general.)


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