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From: Rocket Scientist (
Subject: Re: Third eye experience
Date: September 7, 2004 at 6:42 am PST

In Reply to: Third eye experience posted by Kez in England on September 6, 2004 at 12:48 pm:

What you experienced was really awesome. I don't know a lot about this myself, but my understanding is that it's pretty rare, even for people who meditate frequently and are very in-tune to their spirituality.

A few suggestions... First, if you have a low-quality CD, that won't help matters. Either don't use it at all, or get a better recording. Second, CDs (or other aids) are not necessary to a good meditation, nor is absolute silence necessary, as I once believed. What does matter is consistency. If you want to have good meditations, and possibly more visions like you had before, then make time for it every single day! THe usual recommendation I hear is to meditate 20 minutes as soon as you get up, then meditate 20 minutes in the evening. (Some say before dinner, others say an hour before bed, I don't know if there's any right way to do it in the evening - just do it.) During this time, make up your mind that you will *not* get up unless you hear a smoke alarm. No matter how many plants the cat knocks down, no matter how many times your kids slam the door, or the phone rings, whatever, it can wait. Nothing is that earth-shattering that it can't wait 20 minutes - except a house fire. Not likely. Talk to your family about this, tell them that during these times that you are meditating, you are not to be disturbed, no matter what. Tell the kids they are old enough and mature enough that you trust them to take care of themselves while you do this one thing to take care of yourself, for 20 minutes. (If you tell them that, they're more likely to take you seriously, and will probably reward your trust! Maybe each of the three can take turns leading the others in a game or other activity each day. It will be good for them, help them build self-esteem and a sense of responsibility.)

Now - what do you do with that 20 minutes? I suggest starting "small." DOn't try to do anything really fancy, at least not at first, because some meditation techniques are very advanced, and can make you irritable if you try them too soon. I'd take the first minute to just get still and decide that you're going to focus, conciously decide you're not going to answer the phone, etc. for 20 minutes. Then, you can do a number of things - a good one is to let your mind slowly drift down to your solar plexus (3rd chakra) and rest there. Imagine, in a way, that you are just going to quietly observe the world from that position! Notice your breathing, let your body breathe the way it wants - don't try to regulate it in any way. If your attention wanders, no big deal - just gently pull it back.

Whether or not you'd have another vision, no way of telling. Visions tend to come when our minds are really ready, and we usually don't know when that is. Your subconcious will let it happen when the time comes. I've had a few really beautiful ones, just doing things like what I describe here. Remember that some visions are really powerful, like the one you had. Others are very subtle, very unexpected, and they can come in any form! And there are other "miracles" that can happen too. You could sleep better. You will have more energy, more patience, feel like you're no longer a slave to your job, or the phone, or other people's expectations. You could gain more clarity. And when you least expect it... You could have a really wild vision again!

I'm posting a link that describes the breathing that I usually do while meditating (though he doesn't refer to meditating). When I start, I just do exactly what he describes, but I keep doing it with every breath until I just don't think about it anymore. It's very simple, and good when you have trouble concentrating.

I hope this helps a bit!


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