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From: balance808 (
Subject: another one about Jesus being an omnivore...
Date: February 3, 2003 at 11:54 am PST

i've been trying to understand why some people would think that Jesus, would not be vegetarian. after all, in Genesis, its clearly stated that man is vegetarian and was not permitted to eat any type of meat until after the floods. floods that were the result of massive sinning. and even then it was only a limited amout of water based creatures and reptiles. not to mention that the murder of an animal, is in fact KILLING, that goes against a commandment. it causes suffering to animals and has adverse affects on the body, that is suppose to be a temple. so is Jesus' temple also a graveyard for dead animals??

but what verse says that Jesus put a slaughtered animal in his body? it seems like people keep giving me probablies, are there any definates? i know about him providing fish, but never saw the verse that says he ate fish. that verse in Luke 24.36-43 says he was offered broiled fish and a honeycomb, then Jesus took IT and ate before them. it uses IT the singular in the translation as if he only chose one of the two items offered. and if you notice in Isaiah 7:15 it says, "Butter and honey shall he eat, that he may know to refuse the evil, and choose the good."

as far as the pashcal lamb goes, according to religious scholar Steven Rosen, who wrote the book "Diet for Transcendence" he writes that the Synoptic gospels say that the last supper was a passover meal which means they would have eaten the lamb. John, however says the last supper took place earlier: John 13:1-4. so if the time sequence was differant, as according to John, then the last supper was not a passover meal. Rosen comments, how the english historian Geoffrey Rudd wrote in his book, Why kill for food?, that the last supper took place on Thursday evening. the crucifiion was the very next day, friday. however according to jewish perspective, these two events occur on the same day.

because you have to remember that according Jews, our today acutally started at sundown the previous night. for example right now its monday morning, but to a jew its still sunday, until this evening, thats when monday will start.

back to the book i'm reading...John, in chapter 19 of his Gospel says the crucifixion took place on the day of the preperation of passover,which would have been thursday. Later in verse 31 he says that the body of Jesus was not left on the cross because the "day of that sabbath was a high day". In other words, the passover, on the sabbath, began at sundown that friday, after the crucifixion

passover carries the same rules of observance as the Sabbath. the Jews would not have had weapons (mark 14:43, 47) or bought linen and spices for the funeral (mark 15:46, Luke 23:56). so all this took place before passover began.

so, i'm not trying to win anybodies votes on weather or not Jesus permitted animal killing for the sake of satifying the taste buds. i'm trying to see if anybody has any other biblical proofs than those addressed above.

to me it seems illogical and hypocritical for Jesus to eat animals, for sake of the tounge. when no vegetation is around, perhaps, but otherwise....

all comments, are welcome. i'm no biblical scholar and am not trying to come of like "i know."

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