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From: balance808 (
Subject: Lord Krishna is so beautiful that even he is spellbound by his reflection.
Date: February 2, 2003 at 3:50 pm PST

In Reply to: Who is Krishna? posted by Leo on February 2, 2003 at 1:44 pm:

Good question...

first i need to throw this concept out: "I believe all the figure heads, dieties, are simply a matter of breaking down (the incomprehensible) into forms that could be identified with--- similar to how Jungian psychology breaks down the human into archetypes. "

thats your westernized mind talking... we are spiritual beings with spiritual form. God is absolute and non differant from his form. So when you see a diety, your actually looking a God. we have relationships and families in both the spirtual world or the material world. we dont reflect God off of our own conception of ourselves. the material world is just a perverted reflection of the spiritual world.

now who is Krishna? Krishna litterally translates from sanskrit as, the one who posessess ALL attractive qualities in ulimited amount.

Brahman is word with a few differant meanings. it can mean, the supreme personality of Godhead, and at the same time can mean, the all pervading, impersonal aspect of God. it also can mean the entire material substance. and it can refer to the individual soul.

to make it more confusing" a brahmana, according to vedic caste system... is a person who is a spiritual leader or priestly class.

and then there is Lord Brahma... He's the demigod, the first created being who then creates the material world. Visnu (an expansion of Krishna) emainatees multiple universes from his pores and creates a Brahma in each one. That Brahma then creates the material worlds, within each universe.

so back to who is Krishna??? Krishna is like the original candle that lights all the other candles. All Krishna does is enjoy playing with his friends, the cow heard boys. He plays with his girlfriends, he plays with his parents. Krishna is the supreme enjoyer, thats all he does is enjoy. He expands into Visnu to create and maintain the universe. So Krishna and Visnu are one and the same, but at the same time differant.

about 5000 years ago Krishna apppeared here on earth. He grew up in a rural city in India called Vrindavan. this is where the pastimes that you were talking about come from. after growing up, he spoke Bhagavad Gita to his dear friend Arjuna, while on a battlefield.

"hinduism" cant be learned from books. it has to be learned audibly, through sound vibration. it needs to be heard from a bonafide Guru, who has a bonafide guru, who also has a bonafide Guru, up the chain all the way back to Krishna.

Originally, there were four schools knowledge that had a unbroken disciple/guru line.. now only two remain. His Divine Grace Bhaktivedanta Swami (Srila Prabhupada) is in that unbroken link.

I suggest, if you are serious about studying the vedic literatures, to read his books. simply by hearing his voice, one can be liberated from all material suffering. his mercy is non differant than Krishna's mercy.

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