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From: balance808 (
Subject: material nature's primary colors
Date: January 30, 2003 at 7:39 am PST

in the 14th (i believe) chapter of Bhagavad Gita... Krishna explains how the material world is composed of three main qualities those are goodness, passion, and ignorance. by absorbing our consciouness in these differant modes we become conditioned by them and we start to take on those qualities. for instance people whos minds are in the mode of goodness are usually healthy, energetic, kind, considerate, patient an tolorant. also they tend to be humble. People in the mode of passion are often aggressive, very sexual, easily frustrated. And people in the mode of ignorance tend to sleep alot, be lazy, unhealthy and not too mentally sharp.

just as all the colors you see in the world are composed of the three primary colors (red, yellow, blue).. the material energy of God is composed of combinations of goodness, passion, and ignorance. EVERYTHING material is in one, two or all three of theses modes in any possible combination. You will probably never find someone who's 100% in goodness or 100% in passion. Most things are combinations of two or three modes.

this applies to music, food, atmosphere, time, mind, etc....

i'll explain food first: it is stated that foods that are fatty, sweet, nourishing and promote health are considered in the mode of goodness. this would include, fruits, veggies, nuts, organic/fresh milk products (not commercial dairy), grains, water, flowers etc...

then you have the mode of passion, this would include foods such as onions, garlic, anything that is excessively hot, spicey, or pungent. and caffeine fits into this group as well as amphetamine, nicotine...

and third is the mode of ignorance. this if food that is unhealthy, decomposing and rotting. included in this group are meat, fish, eggs, mushrooms...

as far as the modes of nature in regards to time... the mode of goodness is from about 4am to 12pm, passion is from 12pm-8pm and ignorance is 8pm-4am. early in the morning everything is fresh and alive. during the day the stress starts to build as the activites increse. at night things slow down and tend to sleep.... this is why its generally best to meditate in the morning, work in the day and sleep at night.

so basically, the advice of Krishna is to try to live ones life in the mode of goodness as much as possible. this mode is not necessarily spiritual, but helps to promote a spiritual life. ultimatly if one can listen to only spiritual music, read only spiritual books, eat only spiritual food they would be above all of the three modes of material nature. but for the rest of us who have some attachments in this world, if we try to keep our actions in the mode of goodness it will help us in our spiritual life, no matter what religion one tries to follow.

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