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From: c williams (
Subject:         Re: Is John Robbins vegan?
Date: November 14, 2006 at 4:00 am PST

In Reply to: Re: Is John Robbins vegan? posted by Linda Brown on November 8, 2006 at 10:48 pm:

Just because you saw him purchase fish does not mean that the purchase was for him. When we camp with our group of friends, who all hunt and fish, I treat them with respect on their food choices as I want them to treat me. So I help contribute to the food cach they like to eat, while making sure I have what I like to eat. When my family comes to visit, likewise a person might see a turkey or other meats in my basket, or salmon, tuna, ice cream, etc. That does not mean I eat it, it is for others in my family who do eat it, and they prefer to eat what they are used to eating. A few years ago, we bought and gave out as gifts Dr. Neal Bernard's book "Food for Life" to our parents and our son, and I usually have it with me while traveling to show others if they get curious as to why I eat the beans instead of the meat. Dear friends of ours who are 20 years older than we are showed us the book in 1994 and explained to us why they changed their diets from meat eaters to vegetarian, so we bought the book and made adjustments ourselves. They saw so much improvement in their health, they are still strict veg. today, for the most part, except during this past year, she does eat an occasional yogurt now and then, and he will eat an occasional can of sardines, through their doctor's advise. They are in their late seventies/early eighties now, lean, and getting around quite well, and they are very happy to say that they take no medications whatsoever. They were strict vegan for 11 years, until last year. (not vegan now that they eat occ. yogurt and sardines, right?) They ate fresh caught fish and wild meats (did this all their lives, and thought it was healthier than eating store bought meats) up until the doc. wanted to put him on blood pressure meds. twelve years ago. That was when they learned of vegetarianism from their daughter, who gave them the book, and they tried the changes, and the changes worked. They effortlessly lost the 20 pounds they could never get off before, cholestorol dropped dramatically and so did blood pressure. They became my inspiration. We have found it difficult sometimes to stay strict veg. My husband has fallen back into his routine of fish, venison and squirrel, but also some meatless meals during the week too. At least he does like the meatless meals I cook. But he still loves to hunt and fish. He does not take anything he does not eat. I do not critcize anyone else's food choices, I just try to be careful what goes into my body. So, we really don't know who John was making the purchase for, and even if he did eat some of the fish, we don't know how often he might eat it. John is still right in that we would all benefit by adding more whole grains, legumes, veg. and fruits to our diets and limiting animal products, or even eliminating animal products if we are able to do so. Maybe we need to try to be a little more tolerant and compassionate toward other people's food choices which can also be weaknesses. It is hard and even depressing for some people to make a big change in their lives when it comes to food choices. I have read John's book on a "Diet for A Small Planet", and found it helpful and eye-opening for myself, and I look forward to reading his latest book, too. He has many thought provoking things to share. I have enjoyed reading his writings so far, and I hope he continues to share his research and ideas.

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