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From: Anna (
Subject:         Breatharianism = Anorexia Nervosa
Date: February 18, 2006 at 6:09 pm PST

In Reply to: Breathetarians...... posted by Claudine on February 18, 2006 at 10:39 am:

Actually, Breatharianism is not a dietary
choice, it's an idolized form of Anorexia Nervosa
turned into a psycho cult. Several people have
starved to death from this and the Australian
woman who "invented" it was exposed as a fraud
several times and almost died herself in a TV show
set up to prove her wrong. When people die, they
are usually blamed for "not being ready" or "not
being pure enough" just like with any cult
settings. It's denial of reality on a delusional
scale, there just is no less drastic way to put

However, when looking at Anorexia Nervosa, the
actual foundation of Breatharianism, we'll quickly
discover that it is a sort of stress disorder.
It's an attempt to take control in a situation out
of control. Now taking control by stopping to eat
may seem as an oxymoron at first glance, but we
often engage in a vacuum type of behavior. Look at
smoking, what is that? You're pulling toxic smoke
into your lungs, does that make sense? Not really,
but a lot of people still do it. When pulling in
the nicotine, we are also taking control on a very
subliminal level, because the nicotine actually
takes over physical jobs inside the body and
replaces other substances which normally do that
job. This is why we become addicted. After a
while, the nicotine level in the blood goes down,
and your body signals to your brain, and your
brain then signals to you: "Hey you out there, we
need more of that stuff in here." This is the
moment you light a cigarette. So by smoking, you
feel as if you somehow control something, and that
sends a signal to the reward center of your brain,
which tells you "Good job, well done" and you
become a little happy.

Anorexia Nervosa is more related to smoking than
most people, among them doctors realize, because
here, not eating has a similar body/mind feedback
loops, and it is excessively addictive just like
smoking. When we do not eat enough, a stoneage
relic instinct kicks in, I call it starvation
panic. It floods the body with adrenaline which
utilizes energy, so that the person can find food
before he or she starves to death. This was
beneficial for survival in stoneage times because
there was no sense waiting for the last energy
reserves to be consumed if the chances of survival
were increased by an energy spurt which could be
utilized to find food.

Today, that same effect kicks in when there's a
sudden drop in calories. It would make sense if
that energy burst is interpreted by our mind as
positive in todays world if we are not faced by
actual famine. Let's not forget that
unfortunately, starving is not hypothetical for
many people, someone is starving to death right
now 6-9 plane hours away from where you sit.

So since that energy burst is interpreted by our
consciousness as something positive, what would
happen if it would snap together with a stress
situation? Right, our brain would learn, "I see,
when I'm stressed, and I stop eating, something
happens against that stress." Bang! The trap
closes, because that just is the same addictive
loop as in smoking. So anytime there is stress,
your brain is falsely telling you to stop eating,
since another part of the brain has misinterpreted
the hunger panic as a stress blocker! And that
loop is sealed again by the reward center, tellung
you: "Well done, you stopped eating when there was
stress, so I'll flush some happy hormones now."

Of course there is a problem. The lack of
nutrients and especially the lack of energy
through calories is pulling the carpet from under
the feet of the energy burst. (Which wasn't an
energy burst in the first place but a hunger
panic!) Of course, this will make you feel
miserable. Because not only is the energy burst
fading, but also your old stress level is back,
and on top of that, your body has less energy than
ever because you're not feeding it.

Now feeling miserable and irritated because of
that leeds to more stress and then comes confusion
because you know something is awfully wrong but
you can't quite put your finger on it. You're
trying not to eat (because the master of
addiction, the reward center tells you that that
is what you should do against stress), but instead
of feeling better, you're feeling worse. Well,
it's not appropriate to write "Duh!" here, because
sometimes these processes just grow over our
heads, develop their own dynamics and take us for
a ride. Now eventually, we "break" our fast, eat
something, feel *more* miserable for it because
the idiot, our reward center is telling us to go
to the corner and be ashamed of ourselves and the
whole thing starts anew.

Some people spend years in these wheels. You're
running on the spot. I mean, look at smoking, some
people die in the process of running on that spot.

BTW Fanny, I in no way suggest you're suffering
from Anorexia Nervosa, I'm just saying that severe
stress, and from the few posts I read from you I
realize you're having a mighty dose of that, can
create symptoms and parallel behavior to severe
expression of that illness.

Stress itself is an illness, it destroys us like a
tapeworm that not only steals our food but eats us
hollow from the inside. So perhaps when we
fantasize about stopping to eat, what we're really
trying to do is to kill that tapeworm, to take
food away from -it- in the hope it will go away
and leave us alone. But that is like trying to
fight a fire with petrol. By not feeding yourself,
you are actually feeding your stress. And you are
keeping it strong and constant. See, initially the
stress was fed by external situations, like
overworking, money issues and who knows what else,
but now you yourself have joined to feed your
stress by not eating. That is not taking control,
that is unconditional surrender!

However, you can break the loop. I don't know how
you will react to this post of mine, your initial
reaction may even be very negative, because how
can it be that a perfect stranger pops up from
nowhere and yet knows so intimateley what is going
on with me. Tell you want, that would freak me out
as well. I don't know why I'm able to zoom into
situations and people like this, I'm not a shrink,
perhaps I should be one. I'm definitely not
psychic or anything like that, but I do know that
I'm able to zoom into the details of about any
field I place my focus very quickly. It's a gift,
or a curse, depending how one looks at it. But
anyway, so if you feel "invaded" now after reading
my post, I suppose that would be a normal reaction
because even though I totally only want to help
you, in order to do so I had to venture far beyond
your normal defenses. This is not dangerous
because I'm a good person.

So just by having read my post, and gotten over
the initial shock of "Ugh, that was odd" you will
have a better understanding of what is going on
with you and a better understanding of your own
dynamics is the key to the door out of your
hamster wheel!

You are absolutely right, stress is your enemy,
and only if our shields are down and we are
vulnerable, can stress take hold of our insides.
But you do not kill stress, by killing yourself.
Well, you do, but that's not the plan.

The plan is to analyze from where your external
stress comes from and to either eradicate it, or
if that isn't possible at the moment, change your
response to that stress. Because that is always
possible, you can always change your response to
stress that is brought onto you from external
sources! You know, money issues are, apart from
health, one of the worst origins of external
stress. They just suck, because all of all the
other things that are tied to our existence in
these materialistic societies. Self worth, self
esteem, pride, sense of achievement are all tied
to money, so when money fades, all of the above
fades. But does it? Currently I'm poor, well, as
poor as you can be having a computer and access to
the internet. But rent paid, communications paid
and other running costs, I have about 120 Euro,
which is about 140 Dollars US to spend for food
and anything else. That would be for a month, not
a week. But this is probably the happiest time of
my life. I moved into a new city, I made new
friends and my hubby and me have moved into that
marriage phase where you really know each other
and you know that you're probably going to get old
together if mathematical probability will. I mean
who knows, I may step outside tomorrow and be the
first friggin victim of the human flu pandemic. I
think they call these people "patient #1". Neat,

So our attitude to material wealth is really
flexible. If it wasn't for my husband, I would
have even wanted to be homeless for while, with a
good arctic sleeping bag for winter, why not? For
me (and not being addicted to alcohol or suffering
from severe depression like other homeless
people), it actually wouldn't be home_less but
home_free. Stress on free. Ok, no stress;-)

Of course, my life situation and my fantasies
don't apply at all to your situation, I've only
told you these things to let you know that our
perspective is often more of a bubble. We lose
sight of the possible variable, our narrow field
becomes our prison, instead a room of

So since I don't know you and exactly what pattern
the collection of your external stresses has, I'm
unable to offer advise exactly how to deal with
them. And if you don't know either, you should
look for someone who can assist you. For example,
if you follow a religion, talk with the spiritual
person, priest, rabbi, iman, guru or whatever
they're called. Do have strong ties with your
(extended) family? You know, call them and say,
"Hi, I'm having a friggin nervous breakdown, I'm
even beginning to admire Breatharianism, how are
you?" Well, not exactly like that, but you know
what I mean.

You know, put a note up on the black board of you
local supermarket, like "I'm f****** broke, the
animals living with me need food, I need food,
please donate some stuff, thanx!" And put your
name and address. There is no shame in poverty.
You know, be bold. Take control, fight what's
killing you.

Go to and organize a virtual
pantry and write down everything you eat and let
the pantry tool analyze your diet to see if you're
getting enough nutrients. (They got great tools) I
don't know, this is the raw food forum, so I don't
know if you're going to slap me for this, but cook
up a good vegan dinner for yourself. Red beans and
rice, fried tofu with tomato sauce. Since
wholefood vegans and rawfoodists use pretty much
non-processed foods, nutritiondata is an almost
perfect place to analyze our diets and have all
the fun obsessing about all the nutrients we had
that day.

You know, most of the time the only thing we have
to do to get out of an awful time is to break the
routine. All routines. If you're normally grumpy,
be friendly to people, use a different road to get
to work, sing in the morning, don't watch TV. You
can't make any ripples if you're not throwing any
stones into the water.

I'm kind of struggling to find a closure to this
post, all is said I wanted to say and I could
probably go on forever, so perhaps I should just
leave it at that. I'm not expecting you to respond
at all, how could you respond to such a monster
post, just see if there is information in here you
can use, that would make me most happy.

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