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From: Jack (
Subject: Re: B12
Date: February 7, 2004 at 2:02 pm PST

In Reply to: B12 posted by PJ on February 7, 2004 at 12:32 pm:

Here are some Dr. D comments on B12:

You produce B12 in your gut, but only in a relatively healthy gut.
High fat in the diet not only impairs the ecology of the gut relative to the microbe that
produces B12, it also impedes B12 uptake.
B12 is sprayed onto most grain products, so most people essentially supplement with B12
every time they eat. Their B12 levels are so high that we have no idea what is truly a normal
value. Comparing your values to anyone who eats grain products is apples and oranges.
Current statistics show that B12 problems are equally as prevalent in those eating a SAD as
they are in vegetarians, vegans, and raw fooders. Raw fooders may take dominance in the
B12 arena soon, however, because they are eating almost double the fat of those on the SAD.

B-12 comes from a bacteria, not from plants or animals. No animals actually make B-12.
If you need B-12, by all means supplement, but also learn why and eliminate the cause of
your B-12 depletion.
Dr. D

B12, (an essential nutrient) deficiency has become a pandemic problem. It is produced solely
by a microbe, no place else. Normally it lives in the air (on dust in the air) in water and in soil,
as well as in the intestines of many animals. Current research clearly demonstrates that
eating flesh will no longer help a B12 deficient person, as the animals themselves are B12
deficient today. We have destroyed the environment that is friendly to this bacteria. In the
future, it is likely that everyone will suffer from B12 deficiency except those who either: live
an exceptionally healthful lifestyle and those who eat grain products that have been
supplemented (fortified) with B12.
Dr. D

Q: If B-12 comes from soil, air, and/or water and not plants per say,
where do you get a reliable source if you don't suppliment?
How do you feel you receive B12 now, differently from the past? Could you define, "any
exceptional healthful lifestyle"?
A: Humans with healthy gut bacteria will produce sufficient B12 to supply their needs.
External sources are not really necessary, but some will come from unwashed organic
I would define a healthful lifestyle as one where the conditions required for health are
supplied and the conditions and influences that result in sickness are absent. This is best
supplied, imo, by what is known as Hygienic Living. See for
more info.
Dr D

Q: Is brewers yeast a good source of B12? Is it better than raw organic meat/ eggs/ fish? Is
too much B12 all of a sudden in supplement form dangerous? What are the side effects of
A: B12 is best absorbed in minute doses. Taking larger doses orally usually results in a much
smaller percentage of absorption. Yeast isn't particularly high in B12, rather it is high in
other B vitamins.
Dr D

Unless there is an overt problem, I see no reason to supplement with B12 or anything else.
DR. Doug

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