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From: temp (
Subject:         Re: Eat raw, keep your brain, grow your heart
Date: April 18, 2015 at 2:11 am PST

In Reply to: Re: Eat raw, keep your brain, grow your heart posted by BJ on April 18, 2015 at 1:49 am:

I think it was a John Kohler video that i was watching recently, forgive me if it wasn't him.

But im pretty sure he said he was 99% raw.

For me when i hear the "99% raw clause" i instantly get suspicious as to what this mere 1% actually consists of.

Is it a few mere condiments like honey or maybe a few non-vegan supplements like bee pollen etc. That to me would still be a pretty impressive if they were truly 99% raw vegan the rest of the time.

But we tend to always find out that the other 1%, is often more like 30% of their diet and rich in a variety of cooked and often even animal foods.

Then we hear the stories that some of these guys can't even sustain the 100% raw diet for more than a few months at a time without having a rabid binge on sushi fish or whatever.

What good is that, if the diet isn't sustainable for more than a few months at a time like in Mike Arnsteins case ?

His video with Megan Elizabeth and his excuses was laughable. Why not be honest that the diet isn't sustainable, instead of all this "we aim for 100% BS" but its not always possible.

If its not "always possible" then tell us why ? Its there obvious practicality issues with strict raw vegan diets ? Of course there is. Is there some nutrient that your body is dying out for, why you are gravitating towards fish and sushi as a vegan ?

Again of course there is.

I remember Dan the man releasing a video celebrating his 25 year anniversary as a raw vegan lol(which was deleted hours later after several commented saying, wasn't it only the week earlier he had made a video going on about how he was binging on cooked potatoes and junk foods lol.

The whole movement has always been a complete joke, how anyone ever falls for it, ill never know.

But the point was i did fall for this whole vegan thing at one point, i was so desperate for my health, so i can relate.

3+ years i ate a strict mixed cooked/raw vegan diet before the problems caught up with me for eating such way. The copper/zinc imbalances, the severe vitamin D deficiency that i never had before, my rapidly declining b12 and iron levels, despite supplementing sublingual B12 and many other deficiencies such as co-enzyme q10, metal toxicity from low zinc.

It can take a long time to correct these problems that vegan and sub-optimal deficient diets cause, its best to just eat a healthy nutritionally complete and balanced diet in the first place, so that you don't end up like myself, Dr Gosia's friend or 99% of the other well intentioned people who these diets have glaringly failed.

It doesn't stop some from still trying to eat such way, even after developing severe deficiencies.

That i can't understand, for me the severe deficiencies were an alarm bell ringing that i better wake up.

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