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From: temp (
Subject:         Re: Eat raw, keep your brain, grow your heart
Date: April 18, 2015 at 1:21 am PST

In Reply to: Re: Eat raw, keep your brain, grow your heart posted by BJ on April 17, 2015 at 8:08 pm:

Its very easy to rule out the super human dietary feat nonsense in my opinion.

We know anyone who claims to survive without needing basic essential nutrients whether its vitamin B12, vitamin C or claiming that they are capable of harnessing the suns energy beams for food is simply LYING.

Does nobody ever find it even slightly suspicious or ooincidental that all these examples that are capable of super human dietary feats such as living off sun energy or no vitamin B12, also just happen to run raw food consultancy or vegan businesses ?

Has a normal person not involved in the vegan industry ever come forward claiming to have survived 20 years without dietary vitamin B12 ?

Of course they haven't, because normal people end up deficient in vitamin B12 after anything between a couple of months to 3 years of eating a strict vegan diet.

Well unless of course you are one of those "raw vegans", where its acceptable to have the "occasional" sushi, fillets of fish or goats milk. No wonder these people have immaculate vitamin B12 levels without supplements lol.

To be capable of super human dietary feats, first you must have a youtube channel and secondily you must also start your own raw food "consultancy" business which charges 10k for a cup of water without a single relevant industry qualification.

Its amazing how its always the fake gurus and raw authors with financial interests like Loren Lockman, Doug Graham, John Rose etc that all effortlessly manage to maintain healthy vitamin B12 status whilst eating 100% raw vegan and not even supplementing.

Yet us other mere mortals like Dr Gosia's friend Heather end up nearly dying from raw vegan diets.

Can you say gullible ?

Why is it always the honest people like Gosia and co that run into B12 deficiency, yet the raw gurus have no problems ?

Its not coindicental in the slightest, its just one party is honest and the other is dishonest about their diet and probably supplementation.

Next i'll be getting told that Dr.Gosia just does the diet wrong, the typical raw vegan excuse or that she was just deotxing her vitamin B12 levels away.

Even hypothetically, if this current isolated example of Dr Rick Dina was capable of living without dietary vitamin B12, we know from the wealth of science on vitamin B12 status and diet that vegans are the group at the most risk of deficiency due to lack of intake, even more so than the elderly which says how health a diet vegan actually is.

Then again, do you really at this stage expect me to believe another isolated "raw vegan guru" example ?

How many is that we've had now, all of which turned out to be alot of hot air and dietary dishonesty ?

Well until they rebrand themselves to cooked vegans, paleo or the next diet fad that is.

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