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From: temp (
Subject:         Re: Eat raw, keep your brain, grow your heart
Date: April 17, 2015 at 1:31 am PST

In Reply to: Re: Eat raw, keep your brain, grow your heart posted by Paul on April 16, 2015 at 2:08 pm:

Well clearly no-one who has posted so far interpreted the study correctly. But that is probably because they didn't even bother to read it in the first place.

Or else they'd known that the study wasn't about the rate of development of coronary heart disease eh ? Do you just argue for the sake of being against me ?

No these vegan nutritionists you have mentioned have not currently acheived the same depth of research, results, the quality of studies or the length/time duration of the studies, that there currently is on the mediterranean diet.

Don't buy so easily into short term vegan research, which is what many of these vegan huxsters like Dr Greger often do, or they completely stretch the logic.

One of my favorite stretches of logic from Dr Greger is his watermelon video.

Where he simply guesses that eating watermelon, which contains the amino acid l-citrulline, will "hopefully" provide the same erectile health benefits as the studies did on consuming high dosages of synthetic supplemental l-citrulline on an empty stomach.

And you want me to take these individuals seriously ?

Every single video from these people tends to be an extreme gross stretch of logic, with heavy intentional vegan bias behind it.

All these videos Dr Greger makes on foods such as eggs on the most minute and pedantic points. Yet if you often read the research studies that he references in his videos/articles, they OFTEN don't even support his logic or irrational hate towards these foods.

The KEY question always comes down to, is the vegan diets that McDougall or Co recommend nutritionally balanced and complete enough to be sustained in the long term ?

And like i say, if the diet they are promoting is 100% vegan diet then the answer to that will always be NO. These diets will never be sustainable and especially not without a variety of supplements as mandatory.

You might go through strict periods of eating vegan like Bill Clinton did, but you will end up introducing foods such as fish like he did, to provide the nutrients like vitamin B12 explained in the other posts as to typical vegan diet deficiencies.

There is no point in any diet if its not sustainable or workable long term, PERIOD.

Also no point getting excited about half a year vegan studies showing lowered cholesterol or other improved heart health variables if your going to eventually die from vegan diet induced rickets and severe vitamin B12 deficiency. Have you actually bothered to do any research on diet ?

Don't get me started on these deluded parents who try to force their wreckless eating disordered raw vegan diets on their children and end up causing death via preventable serious nutritional deficiencies like vitamin D/calcuim(rickets), vitamin B12 etc.

I find it absolutely laughable that you try to find fault with my intellectual and thought processes, yet you time and time again completely fall for the words of not only people you don't know, but highly questionable fake gurus.

Ohh but Loren Lockman doesnt need vitamin B12, i hear you say or Doug Graham as it was previously, super human examples who no longer require supplying themselves with basic essential nutrients lol. Sounds legit, i take it you also believe all the fake breatharians like Gensis Sunfire, who not only don't require b12, but they live off the sun lol ?

This just shows you that Paul will buy into anything, then again hes so smart that he even can't see that John Rose isn't a real unqualified "wellness consultant".

In fact Paul for all your constant reminder about how stupid i am and how smart you are, you have bought into the complete dream team of fake raw gurus in your time, you have fallen for Doug Graham, Loren Lockman, Brian Clement and now John Rose lol. There isn't a fake guru you don't radiate towards, which tells me everything.

Wake up..

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