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From: BJ (
Subject:         Errors in health 101, 202 and 303.
Date: February 10, 2015 at 4:13 am PST

In Reply to: Doug Graham, VegSource, Threats of Lawsuits posted by Jeff on August 21, 2014 at 5:18 pm:

This should be a long post, but I couldn't be bothered so I will try and cut it down as much as I can and we can argue the pros and cons later on and I can expand.

Why if diet is the number 1 factor in good health are there so many people with so many issues with all the '' optimum '' diets that are around whether they be 100% raw, 100% fruit, 100% unprocessed or 100% whatever. When people asked Doug for his basis of the 100% raw diet his answer was, '' all animals in the wild eat 100% raw so why should we be any different ? ''. Aside from the facts that animals don't buy store bought food, sleep in beds, have to pay bills, etc there is one basic difference. I explained it to Doug but he couldn't argue the point.

In the animal kingdom it's the survival of the strongest, the fittest, and sometimes the luckiest. In the wild if you aren't healthy, fit and strong and can't look after yourself you die. The genetic pool is always strong, always healthy and always fit.
Whether people buy pets or plants they always look for the healthiest ones and try and avoid weak and sickly looking ones.

Now we come to the human race. In the human race often it's survival of the fattest and unhealthiest. Anyone and everyone can breed - and they do. Running through the human race we have different strands of humans: healthy ones with good genetics as well as people with terrible genetics.
Add to that each persons different body chemistry we are so unlike animals in the wild.

Most of the people with great genetics and good body chemistry have no interest in the extremes of eating 100% anything - they can live long healthy lives and that's why so few healthy people go to the extremes that we people have gone through.

Occasionally you have some people with great genetics but a poor diet and these are the Harleys, Leannes, Grahams, Braggs, etc who go on to say how diet changed their lives and if it worked for them it will work for everyone. Other than Michael Arnstein and maybe a few others, how many other people have gone 100% raw, or whatever when they had no health issues?

Now we come to the other pool of people - the people with weak genetics, bad body chemistry and a poor diet. These people make up most of the people who go searching for better health, or perfect health. When these people read or listen to the Harleys, Leanes, Grahams and Braggs they aren't aware of the fact that these people often have great genetics.

Having poor genetics and poor body chemistry is the equivalent of walking a tightrope holding a balancing beam where the slightest imbalance can send you crashing down to the ground - often with disastrous effects.

I should go on but I'm running out of puff.

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