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From: The Sproutarian (
Subject:         Re: My Zinc and Copper yesterday + fairytale ideas on nutrition + the issue of FAT
Date: November 14, 2014 at 8:24 pm PST

In Reply to: Re: My Zinc and Copper yesterday + fairytale ideas on nutrition + questionable high fruit diets posted by K on November 14, 2014 at 6:40 pm:

There is many things about fat that Dr Esselstyn does not bring up. Though his ideas for reversing heart disease do work (I have read his book), his ideas are very one sided and incomplete. Further more, he cherry picks his studies and conveniently forgets to mention the significant finding in the Vogel study which gives us clues how to protect against higher fat diets in regards to proecting against factors vII (a) and Vii(C) and oxidative stress leading to plaques etc.

The big criticism of his diet approach is more the long term problems being associated with lower levels of fatty acids. Already we see various people complaining and showing symptoms of low fatty acids as mentioned in the literatire. Things such as depression, agression and hormonal problems. The side effects of statins are also well researched including the nasty side effect of it blocking the bodies abaility to produce coenzyme q-10,but Dr Esselstyn does not appear to be aware of these things because his research is very narrowly focussed, that's why he is widely criticised. Gabriel Coisens also shares the same concern.

Higher fat does not have to be a sentence of cancer and heart disease, an abundance of scientific literature clearly points this out. There is more to the equation that fat equals heart disease, such as, inflammatory factors, oxidative fators, long chain omega 3s, long chain saturated fats v's medium chain saturated fats, LDL v's Lp(a) cholesterol, phytochemical ablity to reduce plaque formation etc....Esselstyn conveniently forgets to mention the significance of most of these things. Hmmm.

Why are some cultures who consume a high saturated fat diet not getting heart disease? Why are the modern countries who eat a saturated fat diet getting heart disease? See...there is lots going on here,and we must be able to distinguish the difference between why some are getting heart disease and some aren't. Dr Esselstyn adresses the symptoms but he never looks into the specific causes. We know that a properly done diet will protect against a high fat diet and against the insulin resistance from higher fat diets, but the problems is that many American's etc eat processed food, don't eat enough raw greens, don't get enough long chgain omega 3's etc so they will get heart disease from high fat diets.

For too long the arguments against higher fat have been greatly oversimplified, but no more...the most recent medical literature had shed much light on the real story behind fat, cholesterol and heart disease, and it is nothing like many doctors and Esselstyn ever said it was.

Of course this post is only briefly written. To do my argument justice would require a book with hundreds of references to back up my points. I have read abundant papers for and against high fat and low fat (hundreds of papers), and l do not come to my conclusions above lightly. I used to buy into Esselsyns argument fully like many people do, but as l continued to read the literature l realised that the story was not cut and dried like Esselstyn tries to make out.

For Temp:

The animal product diet does not mean heart disease will occur. Protective foods can reduce the possibility of CVD such as broccoli sprouts (very very powerful) and chia seeds taken with coconut fat and eliminating processed carbs. Just these three things will go a long way in protecting oneself. The cooked veggies diet is not necessarily the best for various reasons,and even raw vegetables are not as ideal as they could be unless home grown, but even then they will not have the high antioxidant phytochemical properties of some of the sprouts.

The brilliance of seeds...

And yes...sprouts seeds are superior to nuts in terms of antioxidant phytocehmicals. In fact...sunflower greens blow away even blue berries in anti oxidant phytochemicals, and we also know that sesame and flax blow away nuts in this regard and for many other reasons too. Nuts are very hard to balance out and the fat balance is not ideal, but the seeds can be excellent nutrient balancers with potentially good levels of various fats to rebalance the diet and offer full protection.

I am going to write a fully referenced and detailed book on all of this stuff and it's going to blow people away because no-one is currently talking about this stuff in the way it needs to be talked about.

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