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From: Gina (
Subject:         Re: My Zinc and Copper yesterday + fairytale ideas on nutrition + questionable high fruit diets
Date: November 13, 2014 at 4:49 pm PST

In Reply to: Re: My Zinc and Copper yesterday + fairytale ideas on nutrition + questionable high fruit diets posted by temp on November 13, 2014 at 2:35 pm:

YOu ask how long I have been strict vegan. I started in 1993. I had two periods since then when I got off strict veganism. One time when I studied Chinese medicine, my Chinese omnivore friends got me to eat meat again and that was maybe for 4-5 years, but it was infrequent. Nevertheless, I began to suffer inflammatory conditions from it and at the same time, all my ethics and work for John Robbins and Earthsave came back to haunt me and I became a vegan again. But then later, when I studied functional medicine and got into blood, hormone, urine, etc testing, my teachers convinced me that my cholesterol was too low and that I should eat meat and dairy. So against my conscience, I followed their advice for a couple of years and guess what? I gained weight in excess of what I needed. The whole business of raising my cholesterol became a joke for me, as all it did was make me gain weight.

Also, this is a key part of my story. I finally tested for myself a key idea in Chinese medicine: eating liver for one's liver and eating kidneys for one's kidneys. I finally one day cooked kidney (organic, grass fed, free range). Guess what? It stank so bad while I was cooking it, all I could do was give it to my cats. Yes cooking kidney made the kitchen smell like urine. It was so gross. That was so enlightening to me, because until I actually cooked it, I couldn't know that on a core level that was never going to be my path. This idea that you eat another mammal's kidney to boost your kidneys works for some people, but is nauseating to others. And it's nice to have put the years into herbs because i have wonderful formulas for the kidneys and adrenals that are vegan and using animal glandulars is not necessary when you have access to such herbs.

So soon after that, I met Lou Corona and Brian CLement and studied with them and my whole world changed. Everything came full circle. It did hurt that I had only met lay people pretending to be authorities on raw food for the first several years of trying to eat raw. Because of them, I never was fully raw past 1-2 weeks at a time. They just didn't have enough nutritional understanding.

Going back to B-12. there are probiotics that produce b-12. B-12 is not the main issue, as far as I am concerned.

Anyway, I am not going to carry one with you Temp, because you keep ignoring all of my examples, like my poor friend who has put all his poor friends on a vegan diet without supplements and has helped cure their health conditions.

When I said supplements, you act like I am talking a ton of money. In the united states, they sell nutritional yeast for $5-$8 per pound (454 g) and there is organic yeast. We also have companies that sell sprouted grains and seeds that contain B-12 and probiotics that produce b-12. There is another way to obtain D without having to be in the sun. I wish you could stop going on and on about how unhealthy raw vegans are when I tell you how people in my life have been cured of cancer on the diet and how it is not necessary to be all raw for the rest of your life, as there are few restaurants to support that and few people can take so much time for food prep.

Yes, we all have met vegans, both cooked and raw that failed on their diet. End of story. But there are others who have succeeded. On this forum, we should share stories of the successes and not dwell on the failures as if the success stories don't exist, as if there is no remedy. I have continued my discussion, because you make it seem like there is no remedy. you keep ignoring our points.

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