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From: Gina (
Subject:         Re: My Zinc and Copper yesterday + fairytale ideas on nutrition + questionable high fruit diets
Date: November 13, 2014 at 12:31 pm PST

In Reply to: Re: My Zinc and Copper yesterday + fairytale ideas on nutrition + questionable high fruit diets posted by temp on November 13, 2014 at 2:48 am:

you come on a vegetarian and vegan board and you declare that the vegan diet is dead and guess what? You are going to get vegans telling you otherwise. Stop saying those things and you won't get these responses.

On your website, you are advocating grass fed meat. In my opinion, that is truly an expensive supplement, because it often is subsidized and the TRUE cost is actually much higher. THis is why the China study was actually able to be conducted, because truly poor people in China were unable to have access to subsidized meat and so were often relegated to having it occasionally. As my friend explained, a whole family would share one single steak, sliced up in a whole vegetable stir-fry for someone's birthday. So, in their minds, meat was actually a "supplement" and not a staple. Temp, it is all in the perspective what is a supplement and what is not.

Temp, you are saying minimum wage people eating at McDonalds are healthier than the raw vegans you know? I feel for you man, if that is what you see and know. Have you ever met Lou Corona or Brian Clement in person (Brian is 75% raw, 25% cooked)? I think I will leave you alone now, because you haven't seen the good side and the potential and so all you can do is act alarmist. It seems you haven't met real people cured of cancer on the raw vegan diet. Whether someone can stay raw for years on end is another story, but it doesn't take away from the healings that can occur when doing it for even 6 months. The Gerson program offers cooked food with the raw juices and that is fine for some, but for others, they need all raw, like my friend who was cured of liver cancer.

And no, if B-12 was banned, we wouldn't be stuffed, you silly boy. B-12 is made by bacteria, not by cows and turkeys. It's a science to cultivate bacteria. No one can ban that. Also, you must know that many meat eaters are low in B-12. Do you think the government would forbid meat eaters from taking a supplement?

You don't know the very easy way to get enough vitamin D. If you can become polite, I will tell you. It is vegan.

You should read Brian Clement's book, Supplements Exposed. He urges everyone to switch to whole food vitamins and get off synthetics. YOu are really stretching hard by assuming that I would tell anyone to take a synthetic anything. I am miss natural, if you knew me, which is why I am an herbalist and not a drug pusher.

Sproutarian tells you all the vegan ways to get omega 3 and dha.

Last but not least, Temp, the truth is my friend Tom Rodgers is dirt poor and he was cured of cancer on the vegan diet and he helped his kids raise their kids on a vegan diet and they are poor too. None of these people are raw vegans but they sure like raw food when it is available. Though he is poor, he is brilliant, so he has helped really poor families fix their homes, so that the air pollution does not deplete their B-12, like carbon monoxide poisoning.

When you say you, you, you, please don't assume too many things. Some people would call ginseng a supplement and some others would call it an herb. Others call it a food. Don't get excited over a word. You write "you have to convince these people to buy all these supplements", oh my gosh, the horror. The fact is, meat eaters use far more supplements than the vegetarians I know. Let's take Dr. SChulze, he has made a whole foods superfood that contains cholorella, the grasses, yeast and seaweed for the iodine. His one bottle give you 100& of all basic nutrients. YOu might call it a supplement, but separated, it is just a food. So, calm down and see that rational people like SChulze and CLement and many others encourage food eating and not synthetics. When a person learns what foods to eat, it is their choice if they want to buy it in a bottle or separately in foods.

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