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From: temp (
Subject:         Re: My Zinc and Copper yesterday + fairytale ideas on nutrition + questionable high fruit diets
Date: November 12, 2014 at 6:35 am PST

In Reply to: Re: My Zinc and Copper yesterday + fairytale ideas on nutrition + questionable high fruit diets posted by The Sproutarian on November 12, 2014 at 5:50 am:

I agree fully. The problem isn't even with fruit, which can be a perfectly healthy food for most individuals.

The issue is the quantity of fruit and sugar that is typically consumed, not to mention the sheer level of overall imbalance in the 80/10/10 diet.

Carbohydrate intake really has to be kept inline with an individuals activity levels and current metabolic health.

Which is why blanket recommendations from people like Doug Graham for high sugar diets are potentially dangerous recommendations for many(most) individuals. How well would eating a diet consisting of 80% simple sugars be for someone with Metabolic Syndrome aka Insulin Resistance or Diabetes ? It wouldn't end well as we know from research. Heck the 80/10/10 diet doesn't even end well for healthy people. Normal healthy people have problems sustaining the diet for more than a few months at a time.

What is ironic is that many raw vegans purposely do things in the complete opposite of unhealthy people with the vision of creating excellent health, but still end up achieving poor health.

For example many raw foodists believe that high salt is bad, so they go low salt. High protein is bad, so they go low protein. High fat is bad, so they go low fat. High cholesterol is bad, so they consume no cholesterol and so on. Yet low intake of many of these nutritional elements, can be just as problematic as high or excessive intake.

There is no nutritional balance, moderation or common sense, when it comes to many raw vegan diets. What ever happened to a moderate intake of carbs or fat ?. Why does everything have to be HIGH or LOW and EXTREME these days when it comes to diet.

Contrary to the popular fad diet beliefs, the more extreme and restrictive one gets with their diet, doesn't generally result in increased health. In fact it usually results in an increased risk of developing more problems and nutritional deficiencies.

If your going to play about with experimental diets then you really need to know what your doing when it comes to nutrition. You need to understand what typical nutrients you are going to be missing or possibly low in, if you remove X food group such as animal foods from your diet or grains for example.

Doug Graham has successfully managed to brain wash many people to believe that as long as their eating fruits and vegetables, no one needs to micro-manage nutrition or worry about getting enough basic essential nutrients such as iodine or vitamin B12.

Doug's lax attitude of just supplement if and when deficiency symptoms pop up doesn't make any common sense either. People shouldn't be needing to develop iodine, vitamin B12 or other severe and preventable basic nutritional deficiencies in the first place.

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