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From: Maltron (
Subject:         Cronometer and Mono Diets...
Date: November 5, 2014 at 6:30 pm PST

In Reply to: My Thoughts on Banana Island posted by MM on November 4, 2014 at 10:05 pm:

Hi Michele. Hey I really enjoyed your video. That's the best one
I've seen you do. Of course I've only seen five or so.
And I really appreciate the tip on cronometer. I've never really
used it before. I tried it four or five years ago but it was the older
version and it was complicated.
I wish they would make one specifically for low-fat frugivore
RawVegans. Something with more accurate percentage
I do like the idea of charting the micro nutrient levels.
Of course I'm sure you realize and agree that the numbers are
inaccurate as to the levels recommended. As I have heard others
say, including Dr. Doug, they have set those recommendations
for people who tend to eat the standard American diet.
The numbers for fruitarians or Frugivores would be considerably
lower in some or all cases, I believe.
That's why I'm saying I would love to see a similar site but with
more realistic numbers associated.
I was wondering what your thoughts are on this? I mean what do
you think the realistic numbers would be for calcium and
Selenium and sodium, for instance?
And speaking of sodium, I did play around with plugging in
different foods that we all typically eat, and no matter what I did,
the sodium level never seemed to rise beyond a third of the
Of course when I added a tablespoon of soy sauce that more
than did the trick!
But I do not use salt or soy sauce or any unnatural form of
sodium. I think most of the best experts I respect the most say it
is not necessary, and in fact is somewhat harmful. What do you
think about this?
I was surprised to see that even plugging in several tomatoes
and a good bit of celery still did not raise the sodium levels to
anything near Acceptable.
I would assume that's because the percentage used on the
website is way out of line.
I was somewhat surprised to see that spring mix has quite a bit of
natural sodium. But still not enough to raise the levels near to
what the website recommends.
I find the idea of selenium very interesting. I've never really heard
anyone state its importance to RawVegans.
I'm wondering what you think is a healthy level of Selenium to be
getting in a day?
Obviously, Brazil nuts are loaded with it. Just one Brazil nut takes
the percentage up to 165% for the day.
UnFortunately Brazil nuts are a lot like potato chips to me. I
cannot eat just one!
I don't remember if you stated in your video exactly what list of
raw fruits and vegetables would give you acceptable numbers for
the day. But I would like to see such a list.
And again, I think it would be cool to restate what percentages
you feel like would be truly healthy, rather than the ones used on
the website, which I do believe are quite out of line.
As far as mono diets, of course I would agree That it is not
advisable in the long run. But there are times when a mono diet
can really be very valuable and important. Especially when we
are talking about healing and detoxification situations.
I tend to eat mono meals but not always.
Anyway it's all very interesting and quite valuable.
Thanks for the input and ideas. I look forward to hearing more.

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