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From: Maltron (
Subject:         Comments and Greetings from Maltron
Date: September 25, 2014 at 9:10 am PST

In Reply to: Doug Graham, VegSource, Threats of Lawsuits posted by Jeff on August 21, 2014 at 5:18 pm:

Hello. I posted this response below but I wanted to put it at the
top where it can be seen. I am just getting used to this forum
again... I am Malcolm Hathorne, also known as Maltron.
Gina, Gosia, Jonas... And others...
I am mostly concerned about how this board has become
disjointed and it is hard to follow posts or keep continuity.
I miss the old forums where everything was orderly and easily
This board has always been slow, but at least it was organized
However, Even without Doug, we could have a great discussion
forum, but it seems the current format has gotten confusing....
Anyway, I did not know about Michael Arnstein's teeth problems.
Interesting and disappointing.
I've been doing this 811 diet seriously for over seven years, and
I've been all raw the last two. Before that, in the first five years, i
was almost all raw, but not entirely. I would have some cooked
veggies at night sometimes, but otherwise it was all fruit and
greens and raw, even then.
And I have a long history as a Frugivore and cooked and raw
vegan in the years before this, going back to about 1987.
I have spent a lot of time on the forums in the earlier years. I
started here at this site in 2007, then 30bad for a few years, then
I was at RNH for a few more years, then I had my own little forum
for a year or so, and then after that, just Facebook posts, which
are not the same as a true forum.
I miss having a solid forum where there is continuous feedback
and conversation. Is there such a place anywhere anymore?
Otherwise I suppose this is the best thing left, apparently, other
than Facebook?
Anyway, I have done better and better with this diet through the
years. I have gravitated to All Raw 100% because it feels better.
I keep my fat levels around 7% I would approximate. I do a lot of
No Overts and the only fats I eat are occasional seeds, ground
up or made into a sauce, for salads, and that is just very
occasionally. I cannot eat much of that or I start feeling down and
depressed and have to stop and go back to no Overts, which is
how I live most of the time. It has taken years of practice to get to
this point. It is by far the best I have ever done. And I am
constantly looking to improve.
By the way, I was the first person, as far as I know, to start
openly suggesting the idea of what is now called "raw til four." In
other words, fruit and raw all day and then maybe some wisely
chosen cooked plant foods at night. There was a lot of opposition
to it but it is now very popular and rightly so.
But for me, it is a step down. My particular issues are best
resolved by a serious, low fat, all raw vegan Frugivore diet.
I live by a lot of the guidelines proposed by Doug Graham. No
salt, no garlic, no vinegar, etc., etc. I eat simply. Few mixtures.
Lots of mono meals. I eat mostly commercial, good quality fruits.
Organic is too expensive and the choices are lesser in quality, in
To be successful, You have to get plenty of good tasty simple
carbs. Organic is a luxury I cannot afford right now except for my
I have to have lots of tasty, ripe tomatoes on hand always.
Watermelons have become my favorite. Then oranges and
tangerine juices. Gotta have sweet, juicy fruits. I will explain my
regimen further later.
I understand the criticisms of Doug's diet ideas from some
people, but to me the rules are just right, at their core.
The fasting topic is a side issue. Interesting and important, but a
side issue.
Anyway, at least there is some discussion here, and there are
lots of good people here. I see lots of names from the past.

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