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From: Paul (
Subject:         Re: Why am I getting depressed on 80 10 10? - The story behind stuff..harnessing power
Date: September 21, 2014 at 10:29 pm PST

In Reply to: Re: Why am I getting depressed on 80 10 10? - The story behind stuff..harnessing power posted by Mike on September 21, 2014 at 7:07 pm:


I'd put all the crap you hear on 30bad out of your mind. The majority
of them are "expert" newbies who just parrot the stuff they see and
hear. That site has an extremely high failure rate and turnover of
people who are either bullied or censored/ banned as soon as they
express any problems that they are experiencing. Harley, Leanne
and their henchmen even change people's posts to make it appear
that the person agreed with them. I'm sure they have driven more
people into the Paleo movement than anyone else. So much for
caring about the animals and planet. Do you really want anything to
do with that sort of sh!t? I wouldn't even watch any of their videos
there's plenty of actually knowledge people's videos you could watch
like John Kohler on his okraw channel and Andrew Perlot.

How many bananas are you eating at one meal and are you eating or
blending them? If you are blending them try adding greens and
drinking a green smoothie. If eating them wrap each banana in 1 or 2
lettuce leaves, I enjoy eating each half of a banana in 1 lettuce leaf.
Experiment with how many calories it takes to make you feel tired. If
you do some sort of exercise before breakfast even a decent 45min
walk it'll allow you to raise your calorie intake before feeling any ill
effects. Once your body adjusts you be able to eat more calories in
each meal. Even John Kohler though has a video of a banana
smoothie wher he only uses 7 bananas nothing like those 12 or 15
ones that you'll see on 30bad. It all depends on how much activity
you do. It's totally stupid to consume 3000 -3500 calories if you're
only expendinding 2000.

For you I'd just concentrate on having 1 fruit meal a day at the
moment then for lunch have a steamed veggie meal not including
grains or a veggie soup which would be easier if you're taking it to
work. Limit it to about 5 ingredients. l would base it on kabocha
squash, courgettes and carrots then you can add a leafy green and
brocolli or cauliflower or something else to your liking.

About 30 to 60 mins before dinner have 8-16oz of orange juice of
course you could blend in some leafy greens if you find it appetising.

For dinner I'd suggest a really large salad with some sort of fat
source like avocado, tahini, flax, chia or hemp seed. I think you'd do
better on one of the last 3 as you'll be getting more omega 3. Again
limit it to around 5 items. You could use some orange juice as a

Have a read of the articles on and some of the
problems people encountered when starting on a fruit based diet as
they might resonate.

After reading that you're fairly lax in keeping things up I would watch
Sproutarian's videos on his youtube channel as well as read his site.
I could be wrong but I just can't picture you being able or prepared to
follow it successfully. Hell if I lived near Hippocrates I'd consider
going there for lunch each day but am fairly sure I couldn't get to
make it work at home for me.
I personally would consider taking Just Barley instead of the
substance you are now.

I actually know some people who have come from a heavy pot
smoking background who said it took a couple of months to totally
clear their head and now they've lost tolerance to it. A match head or
2 is more than enough for them to feel it and they don't enjoy it like
they used to. They said it makes them feel.paranoid now and it never
did before.

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