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From: The Sproutarian (
Subject:         Re: Why am I getting depressed on 80 10 10? - The story behind stuff..harnessing power
Date: September 21, 2014 at 6:34 pm PST

In Reply to: Re: Why am I getting depressed on 80 10 10? - Lets fix it Mike posted by Mike on September 21, 2014 at 5:25 pm:

Don is highly regarded in the raw movement and seems to have lived on a high fruit diet sucessfully, so maybe it is worth talking to him. He may be able to give some good tips, but then again, the high fruit diet may not be suited to you and maybe he might not be able to help you sustain on such a diet. There is no guarantee.

I understand you wanted to do a high fruit diet, that's why it might have been worth talking to Don to see what he has to say.

Personally l would like to see you ditch the whole high fruit diet idea, but l want you to do what you want to do. If the high fruit diet is really important to you l would speak to someone who is well regarded in this area to get some tips. BUT...remember that these tips may not be enough for success if this type of diet doesn't suit your make up. Some people (the minority apparently) are slow oxidisers and will succeed on high carb, other people (most apparently) are fast oxidisers and will struggle on high carb fruit diets. Some people also have much higher nutrition needs and others have lower nutrition needs.

I am a higher protein/fat person with large nutritional needs, that why l can't do well on high fruit and or do well on any diet outside of the sproutarian diet. I need LOADS of fresh high nutrient juices and probiotic foods to be at my best. Juicing lots of vegetables and having fruit does not power me, it needs to be the sprouts/ferments and seaweeds and algaes. I never had any power on any diet until l did this, but it has taken years to adjust fully to it.

And note....the body does not immediately adjust to a living foods diet because the high energy from it takes a long time for the body to adjust to. The body needs to heal first, so too much energy from the diet is going to overwhelm the system, this is why rotation is so important at first...we must balance out the energy frequencies from the foods so it is not concentrated on certain areas of the body too much. Diet is a complete much to take into account. To thrive on a living foods diet can take years before one can fully handle all the energy from it. Diet goes in processes...what doesn't work initially will work later down the track etc. No-one really talks aboiut this stuff in the raw world...this is raw food 505 talk....most raw food leaders just say to eat fruits and vegetables, but this is raw food 101 talk and will usually end in failure because the blind are leading the blind. We need to become conscious of what we are really doing, and if you become enlightened like Lou and Gabriel and others you will be able to observe what is going on and help people effectively. It is not like we are anything special, we are just conscious of the energy frequencies....we can all do this when we have the connection. All we are is vessels of cosmic consciousness and energy freuquencies, nothing more...we are the servants passing on the info...we are nothing but a mere messenger doing the hard work, NEVER the hero. The people who think they are the hero are the fakes because they are not properly connected because they have the ego. This is not my info, this is the info from the higher powers...the higher power is the hero, not Gabriel, not l, and not Lou and not others...we are just doing the work to help others. People need to stop worshipping people as heros, because all these people (so called heros) are doing is delivering a message and performing a role they were assigned to do.

These are things to think about. People don't want praise and be seen as heros, the real deals just want to see people getting results and making their lives better.

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