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From: John Rose (
Subject:         Re: The Hero's Journey + deep words of wisdom on props of the system
Date: September 13, 2014 at 11:22 pm PST

In Reply to: Re: The Hero's Journey + deep words of wisdom on props of the system posted by The Sproutarian on September 13, 2014 at 10:09 pm:

>>You are living in the dead world John. And l suppose when you get a letter with Mr J Rose that you think that is you? And l guess you think you are the person on your birth certificate? John...these things are props to deceive you, they are the lie which is the curse. Lies and deceptions are curses of satanism so why give life to it??<<

Hey TSM,

First of all, you are way off base as I understand what Joseph Campbell meant on page 104 in “Pathways to Bliss”: “Revolution doesn’t have to do with smashing something; it has to do with bringing something forth. If you spend all of your time thinking about that which you are attacking, then you are negatively bound to it. You have to find the zeal in yourself and bring that out.”

Secondly, you must have forgotten this conversation we had about a year ago…,226792,227241#msg-227241
Re: Humans : Self Domesticated Animals - Sickness
Posted by: John Rose
Date: August 17, 2013 08:31AM

This has been a really interesting discussion and I’ve been wanting to chime in, but there was so much I wanted to check out before I could.

First of all, I would like to thank la_veronique for starting this thread and I agree with the article she posted that we are “Dis-Connected from Nature” and that we need to “relearn the life skills that allow us to shed our dependence on civilization.”

I would also like to thank The Sproutarian Man for posting that link that goes into detail about how “we are all victims of a curse from the lie.” I love studying what other people think are the solutions to any of our problems, however, the Fog Index in that Video you posted was off the charts as it came in at a 38th Grade Level in some places! Lawyers write contracts, like Insurance Contracts, with an extremely high Fog Index, usually around a 26th or higher Grade Level, to make sure you don’t know who is doing what. There are so many clauses within one sentence that most people don’t know they’re getting screwed. In just 1 sentence alone, there were 6 pronouns and it was very difficult to know for sure if “they” referred to the Parents, the State or the Babies. One thing I will say for this guy is that he did Pile Drive a lot, but he did it so much that he could have said everything in less than 5 minutes instead of ~50 minutes!

And finally, I really resonated with what THeSt0rm had to say. I have a lot of problems with certain philosophies that don’t understand the real purpose of Pain and they think that we’re supposed to Suffer to help us grow. Pain is part of our Feedback System to Warn Us that we’re making Mistakes. I would also like to comment about your last Post and the idea of Free Will. Most people don’t know that we really don’t have Free Will because our Free Will is limited by our Experiences, our Belief System and for some, their Imaginations and Conceptualizations. However, Necessity is the Mother of Invention, so there is a lot of potential that can come out of Chaos provided we can Correct our Mistakes and get [b]“Re-Connected to Nature”[/b] and the only way we can get [b]“Re-Connected to Nature”[/b] is with a Raw Vegan Diet!!!

Peace and Love..........John,226792,227241#msg-227241,226792,227245#msg-227245
Re: Humans : Self Domesticated Animals - Sickness
Posted by: John Rose
Date: August 17, 2013 10:38AM

The Sproutarian Man,

You might be interested in my File Preview for that Video you posted above…

…File Preview…
The "Name" Is The Mark Of The Beast The Strawman Identifying Your Slave Status In "The System"
• This is an explanation about the "name" we are given for our characters of "The System" which we use to contract with "The System" and the consequences (the sequence of the con) of renting that name. It is vital to comprehend how the name is used to bind us to "The System" and what we have to do to disassociate from the names of "The System" because, to co-create Kindom (…) successfully, we have to leave everything of "The System" behind. Any contracts we have with "The System" perpetuate "The System" … Kindom land has no contracts with "The System".
• The "name" you are given as a slave (renter) of "The System" is what binds you to "The System".
• …all the intellectual property of "The System" is based on the lie that some men and women are more equal than others and deserve to have their lives be placed on a higher standing than the lives of other men and women. Lies are curses …
• …[For example, archangels to cherubs, as in Heaven that they tell you in the Bible - they get you used to the constructs of that so they get you used to accepting the hierarchies that Rule you here and now on Earth and that is Duality - it’s one of the cornerstones of Black Magic or Satanism - they Trick you.]
• …we can refuse to accept and process the curses, instead sending them back to their makers … burning their brains and affecting all those who benefit from the curses, as well as their loved ones and all those connected to them. [… But look at it this way - it is a raging Fire in their brain - see their brains burning - see their families and all of those benefiting from this lie who own it let them burn the process as well. Let the Fire rage in their brains. Let the Fire rage through everyone connected to it, all beneficiaries whether they’re directly aware of it or not. The only way we’re going to stop this madness, this chaos that’s spreading across the earth is to get them to process the lie and get them to burn it off and dissolve it. …] … All that we have to do is hold this image in our brains so clearly that it is unbreakable; when you see the chemraintrails in the sky, return the curses to their makers. … The more we return the curses, the more the makers of the curses will directly experience the effects of their curses. Then they have the choice to either stop creating the curses that are causing so much harm or to continue creating the curses and to continue experiencing the effects of their curses.
• You cannot disassociate from the name if you are using/renting it for your benefit. You can only disassociate from the name if you are prepared to give up all the benefits of "The System" and have no contracts with "The System".
• To be free of "The System" and unaccountable to "The System" means to be "free" of all the benefits of "The System".
• …give up all contracts with and benefits of "The System". … depart from "The System", he/she can start bouncing the curses back to the makers so they process the lie/curse.
• We realise that most people are too compromised to do this but how can you disassociate from that name if you are using/renting it to gain the benefits of "The System"? This is why we have to support each other so that more and more of us can exit from "The System" supported by those still contracted to "The System" until we have enough of us to walk away together, back to the co-creation of Kindoms, Do No Harm Communities.
• We cannot escape "The System" on our own; we need to free each other …
• If you make claims or argue (give life-energy to their charge) for any of the claims and laws made by representatives of "The System", or if you claim copyright or trade rights over the name, etc, you are also showing that you are taking full responsibility for their claims, that you are the re-presentative of the name, the claimer, and that you are taking full responsibility for any administrative charges made against the name, the intellectual property they administrate and the rental fees (includes all rules, regulations, rituals, procedures, conditions & contracts) attached to the contract for administrative services rendered for that intellectual property. You are processing the curse. This is why you can never go to your court (caught) seeking commercial remedy from "The System" using the intellectual property of "The System"; the moment you make a claim (believe in, have faith in or have any associated opinion) about something of "The System" you are agreeing that you are the renter of the name of "The System" and that you are under-the-standing of the authorised (appointed by the author/s) re-presentatives of the intellectual property of "The System" and agreeing to be governed by the "authorities" appointed by the inventor/s (the authors) of the intellectual property.
• All forms of paperwork that you file on behalf of the name with the administrators of "The System" in any area of "The System, no matter what, is admittance that you are the re-presentative of that name and that you presently gain the benefits of "The System" and accept them as your authority/masters. If you are a free MAN, living creator, without masters, why do you have to write to anyone about anything, at any time, or go to court about anything? … The moment you engage in their world you are admitting that you accept their authority and that you are in and of their world. … This is why we have to completely withdraw from "The System", … Staying in "The System" and using anything of "The System" means that you accept the authority of others to govern you meaning you live under limited liability …
• It is a trap to claim/argue-for ANYTHING of "The System", … don’t go to their courts and stop using all the services they administrate.
• Your only access to "The System" is through the name that identifies you as a slave of "The System", a renter of all the intellectual property of "The System" you are RE-PRESENTING.
• This is why they manufacture and encourage our belief in ownership. We do not "own" anything of "The System", … They have conned us into making a claim over the land & money and believing we can own land & money. When they arrived on the shore of "new" lands and put up their flags, they were not claiming the land but declaring the introduction of their system of religions, law, science, education and authority. They were bringing in a new "God" ("The System") for us to worship and bow down to, therefore accepting their authority to administer the system they were introducing. While they make no claim over the land, those of "The System" have divided the land up into Parishes that they administer through their priests and clergy and the Land Titles Office. They do not administer the land; they administer the titles (intellectual property - scribbles on paper) over the land just as they administer the "sinners" (us) who are the processors of the curses.
• The Freemasonic system was designed, through administration, to give power and control to the few at the top and to keep the curses away from their doors while they enjoy all the wealth of "The System" provided by everyone lost in "The System"…. "The System" has nothing to offer us except bondage and servitude …
• "The System" is nothing without our life energy and, as soon as we cease putting our life energy into "The System", it ceases to exist. It has no power. This is why the administrators of "The System" put so much effort into keeping us distracted, mesmerised and totally brainwashed in the intellectual property of "The System". The survival of "The System" depends on our participation in "The System". They need our LIFE and by persuading us into giving our life to their dead world, they make us into renters/slaves of their non-sense world.
• The "charge" they create and administer for you is their attempt to get you to put your life energy into that charge and to process the curse. … When you appear as the living MAN, demonstrating that you are not in or of the dead world and that you do not accept or process the curses of the dead world, they flee because they know that the curses are being returned to the makers of the curses and all who benefit from those curses.
• It is all about temptation; they are offering their "apple" to lure you into the dead world, away from the living Paradise that …
• We are lost in a counterfeit world of language, symbols and codes, used, abused, manipulated and treated as slaves at the beck and call of master puppeteers, black magic warlocks & witches, the master creators of darkness, who pull at the strings of belief (ownership) but are no more winners than we are.
…End of File Preview…

Peace and Love..........John,226792,227245#msg-227245

PS Once again, I had to use (…) in the URLs because this website does not allow certain words, so back out the (…) in order to read the rest of those threads.

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