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From: Dr Gosia O'Reilly (
Subject:         Let us discuss the 801010
Date: September 6, 2014 at 7:01 pm PST

Dear all

I would like to invite you to a discussion on the topic of the 801010, in the spirit of being a critical thinker and having an open mind, in this newly censorship-free forum. As a background note I would like to emphasize that when one wants to discuss something, it is vital to define what that something is first. In this case, it may be a little hard to establish this with a precision, as the definitions transmitted by the key promoter (and not inventor as I understand from the readings) of 801010, Doug Graham, seem to have been contradicting one another (

So when you express your opinion on the 801010 here, if you could explain explicitly what you mean by the 801010 first, that would be good.

My assumed definition here will be: The 801010 is a raw vegan diet in which caloric rations, in terms of energy consumed, when calculated over a long time period (eg a year, with possible daily variations), are at least 80% carbohydrates, no more than 10% fat and no more than 10% protein. No further conditions added.

Now, to my opinion on this. First, my experience, I went raw in 2003 and have not followed the 801010 or any other explicit pattern by any 'guru'. I simply ate raw, took bags of raw foods with me to work ever day for convenience, and gradually discovered that fruit was what I love as my staple. The 801010 book was published after I was into a fruit diet already. I liked the book because it was reinforcing the fruit loving approach which I was keen on. I once made an experiment in which I was recording what I was eating for a month, and used cronometer to estimate my ratios, which turned out to be within the 801010 proportions. I did it ONCE only though and never tried to check my ratios again, or adhere to any rations either.

So my personal opinion and preference is that it is better for me not to adhere to any rigid rations, but go by what feels comfortable.

Another thought that I have is that there could be significant differences in individual as well in one individual's daily needs. I have had times when I would have no overt fats at all, and times when I would be keen on them, and read similar observations made by others. Here, note that in order to accurately evaluate one person's ratios, a considerable level of rigorous and laborious analysis for a prolonged period of time would be required. There is no one that does that. Most people do mental guesses perhaps with the help of inaccurate estimators, and so such estimates can be way out of whack. In the view of this, the problem is that if someone is going to artificially impose on themselves avoiding/minimizing fats EVERY single day for a long time in order to ensure to get their ratio for fat under 10% as the average in the end, then there is a high chance that they are going to ignore their daily needs which are subject to variations. That is, if instead of adhering to the daily needs, one imposes strict rules on them, the needs could be left unmet.

So the paradigm that I prefer to adopt as my guide is the raw diet or the fruit diet, being quite general and with a lot of wiggle room, where my body is happy to explore all areas without too much mentally-imposed control.

I am interested in the position that YOU adopt in your personal pursuits that work for you.


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