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From: The Sproutarian (
Subject:         Re: sproutarian:Re: I got rotten teeth from fresh whole ripe organic fruits = sesame
Date: September 4, 2014 at 6:43 pm PST

In Reply to: sproutarian:Re: I got rotten teeth from fresh whole ripe organic fruits = sesame posted by Gina on September 4, 2014 at 4:21 pm:

Hi Gina,

yes, l used to be a very typical vegan with narrow minded ideas on diet and too out of reality (it's a vegan affliction LOL), but l have improved a lot over the last couple of years by throwing away most of what l had learned from raw food leaders, books and websites and starting all over again. This is the best thing l ever did because now l can clearly see the massive issues a raw vegan diet brings up so l am in a position to be able to smooth out the problems.

I am glad you got benefit from my site, many people are responding favourably to the information. The current top 10 threads on the forum are a goldmine of info to really change the way vegans commonly think about is a way forward for those who want to keep an open mind. The vegan movement is in such a terrible rut with what it is teaching, so no wonder raw food leaders are being questioned and losing credibility all over the place. We need to widely read the research and put everything into context, but we don't do that because we still think salt is the enemy and higher fat diets will cause heart disease because we see simple studies showing this without putting everything into context because we haven't widely read the literature to be able to put everything into proper context.

You say:
2) stop eating foods that hurt me
3) stop thinking I need to eat a wide variety of foods

I say:
see, this is where making diet an artform comes into it. What works for you early in your diet career may not work as well later. What doesn't work for you currently may work well for you later.


Imo, it seems to be that the living food diet is a very powerful diet, and we are so damaged from un-natural foods and caotic living that we are unable to harness much of the energy from the diet until we start fixing/balancing out many of the body's mechanisms. This takes years to do. I used to have good energy 90% of the time, but other times l would get low energy blocks. The way l got around this was by rotating foods so l wouldn't get too much concentrated energy from a certain plant, and it did help. But the time comes when you no longer have to do this and you are high energy and functioning well above expectations ALL THE TIME!!! Foods which once made me tired now energise me like never before. But still, people love to blame detox, but it is not as simple as that for reasons l won't go into. The other artform of diet is working out what macronutrient levels work for you (big part of it). The other artform of diet is working out what nutrient levels work for you best and how to create a nutritional synergy that works for YOUR body, but this is hard to do because we all have different nutrient requirements, for eg, Dr Coisens says some people have 5 times the B vitamin requirements than others. Coisens seems correct...why?...because when l was massively exceeding most rdas l still wasn't quite at optimal level, but when l increased nutrition levels and improved nutritional synergy l did even better, and since l introduced salt, coconut fat and hydrilla l now have reached the spot that is sweet to be in. This has taken years of study and experimentation, and you are certainly not going to get raw food leaders talking about this type of stuff except for maybe Dr Coisens. The raw food leaders are still in the kindergarten nutrition school and that's why people are going to continue to fail until they lift the illusions being taught.

Cactus to me is a fruit. I once ate a prickley pair but l ended up getting poisoned. I had fast heart racing and was seeing things, but l never panicked because l know how to reverse poisoning with 15 minutes. Once l ate the wrong weed by mistake and started frothing at the mouth, seeing things and was close to passing out, but within 15 minutes l reversed that too, and by 30 minutes l was perfectly fine.

My recent post about increasing EPA/DHA conversion is an eye opener too. To me it is saying that saturated fat does play an important role, and this low fat anti saturated fat ideas are not so wise to be teaching.

Another thing us vegans get funny about is protein. Now, l am certainly not educated up well on protein, but it looks like we can still be protein deficient and have muscle. Why? Because it appears that Taurine is not linked to muscle growth due to it's unique structure and how it reacts with the other amino acids. So why could this a problem? Because Taurine is needed needed in calcium signaling which is also needed in manufacturing of EPA/DHA along with good levels of amino acids, certain minerals, fatty acids and certain vitamins to bring forth proper conversion.

The summery = we are not looking at the full story behind protein, fats, nutrient synergy and all these inter related we come to partial conclusions that mislead us from the fuller picture. Imo, this is why most vegans are failing, because they have been taught poor information from raw food leadfers still stuck in the old thinking (most of them).

I know l can go on a bit, but this is important stuff. To me...this is the future of vegan education. It sounds all complicated but it is so simple in practise. This is very exciting stuff to be talking about and promoting. I am more excited about diet than l have ever been because there is so much we could be doing that we aren't doing.

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