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From: The Sproutarian (
Subject:         Re: I got rotten teeth from fresh whole ripe organic fruits = sesame
Date: September 4, 2014 at 4:19 am PST

In Reply to: Re: I got rotten teeth from fresh whole ripe organic fruits posted by GIna on September 4, 2014 at 12:25 am:

I always got my fruit locally from a farm in season
and always would eat mono. The acid fruits were the
worst, especially teeth would grit for
ages afterwards and l knew l had to stop eating them
or l would quickly find l wouldn't have teeth left.
Apples and melons didn't seem to free me from this
issue either. At one time l was eating 10 apples per
day or half a watermelon and that was enough to
start my issues.

I have loads of time for Dr Brian Clement, imo the
finest raw food speaker by far. He does not know
everything, but l am convinced the diet he promotes
is at the highest level for average people. Sure
people accuse him of being motivated by sales, but
people will assume all types of things without
knowing all the facts.

My promotion of diet is always sprouts, seaweeds and
algaes with very VERY little fruit (I have different
reasons to Dr Brian as to why l strongly advise no -
little fruit). My diet ideas are very different from
Dr Brian's and my methods are more detailed and
scientific. I have also been a 20 year follower of
Wigmore and Kulvinskas and have never looked at most
raw vegan diets in a good light. I refuse to talk
too much about my diet ideas here because very few
would be interested, for l am the `lone wolf', the
sproutarian wolf. The tough lads are the fruit
eaters, but the gentle wolves are the sprout eaters.

As for saying "It's rare to meet someone like
you"....haha, you don't know the half of it. *smile*
My vegan diet ideas are very unusual (I am the only
person saying the stuff l have been saying) and my
diet is perhaps the most unusual hardcore diet you
have ever heard of. *laugh* Give me sprouts, algaes,
seaweeds and weeds with all their strong flavours
and l am highly satisfied. Why would anyone want to
eat fruits and vegetables when we have such awesome
weeds, algaes, seaweeds and sprouts around. I have
only juiced raw green vegetables on two occasions in
the last 5 years and l wish to never consume
vegetables ever again (they don't have near the
power of the sprouts).

Shop bought or farmer's market fruit never did
anything positive for me, that's why l avoid fruit
most of the time and greatly limit it when l do have
it (I don't get energy from fruit). Tree picked
fruit is entirely different from shop bought fruit.
One of my motos is...`if you can't eat fruit from
the tree then why bother eating it'.

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