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From: The Sproutarian (
Subject:         Re: Dental health - raw diet
Date: September 3, 2014 at 10:16 pm PST

In Reply to: Re: Dental health. posted by myra on September 3, 2014 at 1:34 pm:

Yes, the diet of Brian Clement consists of mainly algaes, seaweeds and sprouts, and THAT is the mainstay of my diet too. I tend to avoid fruit and keep away from vegetables.

I feel superb on my diet after years of eating this way, l have gone from strength to strength and am living a lifestyle beyond what my wildest dreams could have imagined.

Raw living foods have so much energy that it can take years for a body to be able to handle it effectively throughout parts of the body. The sicker the body the more difficult it is to handle the energy of the living foods imo.

Try not to worry too much about seaweeds and pollution because there is much good science showing the protective nutrients in seaweed which greatly reduces the problem. I have recently written on the importance of seaweeds. The algaes also play a prfoundly important role for many reasons l won't go into right now.

The cornerstone of my diets is: chia sprouts, flax sprouts, sprouted sunflower seed yogurt and various nut yogurts. I also do LOTS of freshly grown sprout juices most days, take E3 live, hydrilla algae and chlorella.

I will say l was doing well on the diet, but then l decided to do an experiment by adding in hydrilla, some salt and go high fat and elevate my cholesterol level by adding coconut oil and eating fermented nuts for dinner and sprouted seeds for lunch. All l can say is that l am stunned with the results. People say that all that high fat will make you tired, takes time for the body to be able to utilise the living foods diet, and when the time comes and you combine various foods you can stop energy problems from higher fat and from oxidisation of high fat meals and impaired flow mediated dilitation and generation of factors VIIa and VIIc.

There is so much talk about low fat, low cholesterol, no salt and eating naturally etc.....lots of fancy theories, some science...but certainly nothing conclusive when you read the wide varied research. And yes, l get a good vitamin K2 source that l make myself via sprouted fermented sunflower seeds.

I also get good conversion of EPA/DHA because l mix in the high levels of omega 3 short chain fatty acids with the saturated fat from coconut oil and keep nutrient ratios balanced in my diet (I have science to back this up). Imo you will find that many may have trouble with the EPA/DHA issue down the track because the synergy of most diets l see is dreadful...the copper - manganese - iron - zinc ratios on vegan diets are a disaster, BUT one of the best ways l have discovered is to use the green algaes to bring about enhanced nutritional synergy.

The problem is that we are still in the old thinking and don't look at the entire dietary picture. We still think higher fat and cholesterol is killing people because thousands of studies say so, but we know that this is not correct because of the larger studies being done which has not showed this to be the case. We say that sprouting isn't natural, seaweeds and algaes aren't natural and all the rest of the fancy theories people like to bring up. We still think salt is bad because of isolated studies which don't take into acount diet synergy protection measures, so now we have countless vegans around getting well below the rda. People also neglect the role of amino acids and say that they are getting good protein levels because they have muscles and choose to neglect the role of Taurine in a number of functions and the requirement for nutritional synergy. We choose to ignore K2. We ignore so much to keep ourselves in our comfort zone, but this is not helping.

It's really time to open our mind to a wide range of possibilities and to remove the blinkers that hold the vegan community back.

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